Flowers for Juno return with “Without Love,” their third single following their debut EP “Be My Bloody Valentine.” The track explores the hollowness of a life devoid of love and is dripping with gothic rock despair. It chronicles the narrator’s search for love, a phantom forever out of reach.

The song begins with a thirty-second back-and-forth of dramatic low voice and muted guttaral growling, which leads to a catchy chorus begging for release; a craving for connection combating the bitterness of loneliness. The subsequent “hooky chorus” features the band’s characteristic sound. Musically, “Without Love” draws strongly on goth rock influences, with hints of 80s inspiration.

Love’s the ghost I’ve never seen” // “Love’s the blue sky I never see” -the narrator sings of a love forever desired but never experienced. He feels like a forgotten guest at a party, forever on the outside looking in at love’s embrace. The constant refrain of “Without love” hammers home the central theme, creating a melancholic chant.

Flowers for Juno’s “Without Love” with its raw and emotional delivery is a haunting exploration of loneliness with a gothic edge that will undoubtedly appeal with fans of the genre. Us included!

“Without Love” is released with a Side B featuring exciting remixes of their second Single “It’s Not My Fault” that we covered here.



  1. Without Love (7″ Deadly Sins Mix)


  1. It’s Not My Fault (In the Nightcore Eclipse Remix)
  2. It’s Not My Fault (Palazzo’s Monstrosity Coil Remix)

Flowers For Juno are:

Benjó James – Lead and backing vocals (1-3), keyboards & programming (1-2), additional guitars (2)

Jack Wilson – Lead and rhythm guitars, bass, drums (1-2)

Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Flowers for Juno.

Track 3 remixed by Palazzo’s Monstrosity Coil.

Artwork by Flowers for Juno


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