London-based artist Seaker (Kiran Hungin) examines the intricacies of growing up in her latest single, “Grown.” The song marks her return to the music scene after a two-year period of self-reflection and creative exploration.

“Grown” is an introspective journey that explores the struggle to reconcile adulthood with the lingering desires and uncertainties of childhood. Seaker’s signature ethereal vocals float over a bed of muted piano and gentle acoustic guitar, creating a dreamlike soundscape that perfectly complements the song’s contemplative mood. Subtle synth textures and mellow beats add depth and texture to the soundscape, without distracting from the raw vulnerability in Seaker’s voice.

The lyrics grapple with the feeling of being adrift in a world that expects self-assurance. Lines like “We are withering / To the light we turn / For who we’re meant to be” highlight the ideals of longing for direction and purpose. The chorus pleads for reassurance, “Oh tell me it’s high noon ‘cos I’m doomed / I need you to be braver than me / Tell me I’m strong / Tell me I’m home.” It underscores the need for validation and guidance many adults experience despite societal pressure to have it all figured out. It continues with its repeated refrain of “When will I feel grown?” questioning one’s place in the world and the elusive feeling of true maturity.

“I think a lot about how we are all just kids with years on us,” says Seaker. This sentiment is echoed in the lyrics, “Hey now things aren’t so bad.”  Despite the anxieties, there’s a glimmer of hope. The final lines, “I’ve been dreaming of these wide and open spaces so long, so long,” hint at the promise of a future where one can finally feel “grown.”

It’s been a minute since our last feature of Seaker. This melancholic ballad marks a promising return, and we are eager to hear what other introspective gems she has in store for the rest of 2024.

Written by Seaker.
Produced by Seaker and Rick David.
Mixed and mastered by Rick David @ Pink Bird Recording Co.
Artwork photo by Athina Kontos.

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