“Meat,” visual artist & music producer Wlav’s fourth studio album, takes listeners on a sensory excursion into the realm of experimental electronica with a horror atmosphere. As a self-proclaimed “digital monster,” Wlav’s aesthetic is as eerie as it is enticing. Drawing inspiration from the occult, horror media, and real-life tales of terror, Wlav crafts a world that is “delightfully creepy and deliciously trashy,” as its DIY Italian record company, R.O.D. Records, puts it.

“BITCH,” the album’s first track, establishes the mood with its grittier sounds and unexpected melodies. From there, Wlav takes listeners on a wild voyage through gothic horror abstraction, glitching effects, and distorted vocals. “UH” is trippy with hypnotic chords of highs and lows. Tracks like “TASTE,” “LOVE & DESTRUCTION,” and “HEARTBREAKER” demonstrate Wlav’s ability to combine punk rock elements with avant-garde electronic music, resulting in a sound that is simultaneously familiar and strange.

The title track, “MEAT,” stands out as a highlight of the album, combining hypnotic washes of dissonant keyboards and synthesizers with pounding rhythms that evoke images of a dark and twisted carnival. It’s a track that demands attention and stays with you.

The metaphor of “scooping up a big wad of hair from the shower drain & eating it” clearly depicts the music’s purposely uncomfortable and provocative tone, which appears to be a trademark of Wlav’s musical and artistic identity. 

Their music thrives on jarring sounds. Expect static, atonal synths, and distorted vocals to create a nightmarish soundscape. Leaning into the filth and grit that separates Wlav’s music from the rest of the EDM scene, “Meat” is an album that’s not afraid to embrace its darker side. 

The gritty, intricate album “Meat” pushes the envelope of dark electronic music. If you’re just now getting into Wlav, this is a perfect way to introduce yourself to their distinctive style with its layered production and cinematic vibes. Listen to their 2022 EP “For A Brief Moment” and their 2023 LP “Another World” for a deeper exploration of their music and you’ll see why they are truly distinctive. Wlav music can serve as entry point for those curious about dark electronic music.

The “Meat” album is out March 22nd, 2024.

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