Emerging British band Spirits of Saturn marks a fresh start with their third single, “Transfigured,” a throbbing synth-pop ballad reflecting the intricacies of previous relationships. The track follows their debut singles, “Feelings Agency,” and “100mph.”

The synth-pop group from London crafted an engrossing soundscape out of melancholy strings, driving beats, and glittering synths.

The lyrics, a mix of pensive introspection and flashes of dark humor (“Here lies all covered in flies / My word, Transfigured”), explore the process of gaining perspective and reconstructing narratives in the aftermath of heartbreak. Lines like “Maybe I was in love with you/ Maybe I wasn’t too” convey the confusion and self-doubt that can remain after a breakup. The recurring refrain, “Everybody’s got to fall / Out of love, into the one,” provides bittersweet solace, admitting the universality of loss while implying the potential of future love. The journey from one love to another, the transfiguration of emotions—it’s all laid bare.

Spirits of Saturn, formed in 2022, is spurred by the creative power of Superorganism member Early Sans (synths & vocals), Edmund Blackadder (vocals), Scott Docherty (keys & bass), and Elian Lion (drums). 

They embarked on a UK support tour with Temples after two sold-out premiere performances in London early in the year. The tour took the band to storied locations around the nation, including Koko, Brudenell Social Club, and Band on the Wall.

“Transfigured” is a promising release from Spirits of Saturn. While drawing inspiration from Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, and Todd Rundgren, Spirits of Saturn create their own distinct sound. Their music exudes a future-leaning disco-pop sound, making them an exciting addition to the contemporary music scene.

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