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Times of My Life (Full Band) { Single Review } THÉA

THÉA is a singer and songwriter with a passion for rock, soul, and many other styles. What makes this artist special is exactly the unique combination of different musical genres and aesthetics, giving the sound a very special edge.

Recently, THÉA released a brand new single titled “Times of My Life,” in its full-band version.

The song has a vibrant sound, yet has a retro charm to it with sweet nostalgic flavor.

The song stands out because of its “less is more” approach to songwriting, and what’s exciting about it is definitely the fact that it blurs the lines between different musical worlds. With influences ranging from soul and gospel to garage and rock, THÉA echoes the sound and feel of legendary artists such as Amy Winehouse, as well as Portishead.

She releases many songs as a solo artist, but working with a full band is another important step for her, that allows her to add a lot more depth to her sound and texture. We’re intrigued by this artist and can’t wait to hear more of her artistry.

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