Sarah Bethe Nelson is a singer and songwriter with a penchant for indie rock music and memorable hooks. Her sound makes us think of acts such as Angel Olsen, Courtney Barnett or Ty Segall, only to mention a few.

Her most recent studio album, “Weird Glow,” opens with a memorable intro. The first track, “Desert Song,” combines classic rock vibes with shoegaz-y hooks. It really makes us think of what could have been like if Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers had the chance to jam with My Bloody Valentine!

“Sunspots” is another beautiful song, with a classic college rock feel. The drum pattern is hypnotic and intriguing, while the deceptively simple guitar melody creates a really striking atmosphere, almost reminiscent of artists like American Football and some of Sonic Youth’s most understated moments.

On “Weird Glow,” the title track as well as “Paralyzed Waltz,” Sarah channels some of the best 90s rock-pop vibes. Fans of The Cranberries or Slowdive will rejoice!

Ultimately, this album is like a tasteful sampling of some of the best alt-rock influences of the past two decades, rearranged tastefully according to Sarah’s sensibility!


Desert Song
Too Rich
Weird Glow
To Be Continued
Paralyzed Waltz
Natural Disaster
Pour It Through Me
8th and Hooper

Paralyzed Waltz