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My Music Den/EP /My Own Thing { EP Review } Red Red Lips

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My Own Thing { EP Review } Red Red Lips

Alt-rock combo Red Red Lips are jumping on the scene with their first album release, “My Own Thing.” The project feels like a diverse collection of ideas and influences, bound together by the band’s charismatic performance and passion for big riffs and iconoclastic vocals.

The song’s title-track is a perfect example of how this release channels the youthful grit of British indie rock (Think Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand…) with a heavier, moodier all-American feel (Queens Of The Stone Age, The Kills, Dead Weather).

A debut album with a very unapologetic edge.

“My Own Thing” is one of those records that beg to be played out loud. There is something truly special about the simplicity of each song. The group embraced the “less is more” formula, as a big statement. You don’t need layers over layers of production, or dozens of embellishments to get things done right.

Their songs are like a perfectly delivered set of karate moves, hitting the target for the knock-off! These 5 songs are incredibly enjoyable on their own, but if you take the time to listen to this release from start to finish, this is where the magic happens. The band tailored their set list in a very dynamic way, turning this release into a memorable sonic roller coaster.


1. What You Do

2. Gold Touch

3. My Own Thing

4. The Rush

5. You Can Have It

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