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My Music Den/Album /Melancholic Milkshake { Album Review } . Emma Elisabeth

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Melancholic Milkshake { Album Review } . Emma Elisabeth

If you ask Emma Elisabeth, she’ll tell you that “pop” isn’t a word to run away from. This talented Swedish singer embraces the catchy, unapologetic appeal of the genre, but she also knows that she can actually add more depth and substance to her music, without making any compromises in terms of appeal.

Her most recent release, “Melancholic Milkshake,” is a really great taste of what we're am talking about. Emma came up with a really interesting title - we love the idea of juxtaposing a feeling that’s quite gloomy (Melancholia), with something as indulgent and fun as a milkshake. The resulting concoction is a bittersweet mix, which also reflects within the feel of her releases.

Emma’s sound is ethereal and dreamy, often earning comparisons with acts like Best Coast, Alvvays, as well as Beach House, among others. In addition to the mesmeric qualities of the arrangements on “Melancholic Milkshake,’ Emma Elisabeth’s vocals are extraordinary. She set out to showcase a lot of emotion into her singing, delivering heartfelt lines with every verse. The introspective vibe of the vocals actually suit the song’s jangly alt-pop vibe, giving Emma a one-of-a-kind tone.


01. Pilot
02. I’d Be Lying
03. Head over Heels
04. Cavalry
05. Into the Blue
06. Soul Traveller
07. Atoms
08. What a Waste
09. Waiting for the War
10. Half a Heart
11. Great Pretender



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