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Crowdfund Olivia Awbrey’s Album About A Feminist Revolution

Olivia Awbrey is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, writer and activist based in her hometown of Portland, OR, though she began playing music in Eugene. She and her rock band have been performing under her solo project name, Olivia Awbrey, since 2016. In 2017 she released her debut EP, Fight or Fight, which led to sold out shows in Portland, throughout the West Coast and England.

Blending raw rock sounds with her affinity for folk, fans of Patti Smith and Courtney Barnett will find a similar emotional outlet. With a background in gender theory, survivor advocacy and rock songwriting, she has quickly established herself as a cherished voice on art and activism in Portland.

Awbrey currently writes a feminist column on Portland’s underground music & activism for Vortex Music Magazine and is preparing her debut studio LP, set to release in 2020.

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