John Ward’s latest Single “Where I Want To Go,” a folksy anthem, infused with country and Americana grit, paints a vibrant picture of embracing the unknown, chasing dreams, and forging your own path.

The lyrics are the beating heart of the track. They’re direct, yet poetic, packed with imagery of unfurling horizons and boundless possibilities. Ward’s message is clear: break free from limitations, embrace the journey, and find your own “where I want to go.”

“Oh, that’s where I want to go,” Ward sings, his voice laced with both yearning and defiance. It’s a simple sentiment, yet it resonates of defying deadlines and embracing the unknown. He encourages listeners to chart their own course, build their own houses (both literal and metaphorical), and keep their eyes fixed on the horizon. The lyrics are simple, yet imbued with a profound sense of wanderlust and self-belief.

The song’s emotional core lies in Ward’s dedication to his daughter, pictured on the album art. He paints himself as a fellow adventurer, learning from her uninhibited exploration of life. This personal touch adds depth and resonance, reminding us that the journey is often most meaningful when shared with loved ones.

“Where I Want To Go” is a song that leaves you tapping your feet, humming along, and yearning to pack your bags and set off on your own adventure.

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