Ley Vara, a 22-year-old Canadian artist with a global blend of Indonesian, Finnish, and Polish heritage, bursts onto the music scene in 2019 and has garnered hits since, particularly with tracks like “Bestmistake,” “One Night,” “For You” and “Red Flag.” Her latest Single “Fire” released this December, showcases Vara’s undeniable vocal talent and weaving together elements of pop and R&B into her sound.

Lyrically, “Fire” delves into the treacherous waters of a turbulent relationship, with Vara questioning her partner’s commitment and wrestling with mixed signals. Lines like “Can I trust what you say? Counting words I’m feeling faded off the D’usse” simmer with suspicion, while the repeated refrain “Tired of me, tired of me” aches with a raw vulnerability. The production is slick and polished, with sultry beats and synths providing the perfect backdrop for Vara’s emotive execution. Vara’s influences, from Jhene Aiko’s breathy vocals to Kehlani’s raw emotion, are evident in her delivery, but she also injects a dose of sass and fire that hints at a personality ready to ignite.

Vara’s voice is a powerful instrument, capable of conveying both tenderness and ferocity. She sure has the fire within her to truly set the music world ablaze.


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