Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls took their distinctive blend of indie rock, pop, and folk to the next level with an exciting new release titled 10%.

The song kicks off with a soothing atmosphere and an intriguing texture of guitars and strings. Later, the instruments soar in terms of intensity and groove, going along with the vocals in terms of rawness and immediacy.


This is a beautiful song, with an accomplished and sophisticated sound that might remind you of artists as diverse as Kimbra, Bjork, or Gotye.

With such a winning combination of quality production aesthetics and spontaneous artistic performance, you really can’t go wrong. Gracie has a powerful, thundering voice, but she knows how to control her range, and go for a more soft-spoken approach when needed.

Her characterful attitude comes through from the beginning. Each vocal phrase is delivered with passion and enthusiasm, and the unflinching passion of the vocals match the clever feel of the lyrics.

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