“We’re Going on a Holiday” by hooyoosay is a burst of sunshine disguised as a song. It perfectly captures the infectious excitement of pre-vacation jitters, urging the listener to pack their bags and get ready for an escapade.

The music perfectly complements the lyrical theme. The opening accordion blasts us off with giddy anticipation, while the bouncy bassline and marching percussion keep the energy high. It’s impossible not to tap your foot along, and sing along as the music builds anticipation for the journey ahead.

The song doesn’t delve into specifics about the destination, instead focusing on the universal thrill of travel. The lyrics are refreshingly simple and direct, acting more like a travel brochure come to life. Lines like “Foreign cultures, ancient villages” and “Sandy beaches, the deep, blue ocean” highlight various aspects of an ideal holiday. The repeated refrain of “We’re going on a holiday” is an immediate mood-lifter, an effective reminder of the pure joy that travel can bring.

Whether it’s exploring new cultures, making friends, relaxing on the beach, or experiencing romantic evenings under the stars, “We’re Going on a Holiday” celebrates the escape from routine and the delight of discovery. This allows the listener to fill in the blanks and tailor the song to their own dream vacation.

Adding another layer of intrigue is the fact that hooyoosay isn’t a traditional band, but rather a project involving anonymous collaborators. This unique approach explains the band’s eclectic sound, which has spanned genres like pop, rock, blues, and even country. In “We’re Going on a Holiday,” they’ve captured a feeling that resonates with anyone who’s ever dreamt of escaping the daily grind and embarking on an adventure. 

Released on April 18th, 20241, the track is their 7th Single, and the musical project has produced 8 EP’s and 5 albums so far, spanning 13 years.

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