The McKenzie FIX return with their sophomore album, “Media Hack,” a concept record exploring the complexities of truth and deception in our information-saturated age.

The 13-track album released on Platform Records, is a sonic journey through the anxieties of the modern world, with a heavy dose of 80s aesthetic with a “distinctive grit.” “Media Hack” doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of society.  Expect razor-sharp observations wrapped around lead singer Ewan McKenzie’s “soft-spoken yet compassionate” vocals.

Think luxurious synths like on “Mismatch” alongside the frenetic energy of “A Man, A Car and A Gun” with lyrics evoking strong images. The band skillfully fuses these retro sounds with modern production, creating music that feels both nostalgic and fresh.

Highlights include the infectious beats of “Elsewhere,” which seamlessly blends nostalgic vibes with a contemporary touch, and the dreamy soundscape of “The Beginning Of The End,” which grips listeners from the first note. “In The Picture” is another synth-heavy track with irresistible melodies. “High Strangeness” is a darker, more atmospheric song with a menacing undercurrent.

In “The Beginning of The End,” the song’s title directly reflects the overall concept of “Media Hack” – a world grappling with uncertainty and the potential for societal collapse.

Lines like “Too much of this, too little of that” and “What in the world is happening?” capture the confusion and unease of the album’s lyrical content.  Yet, “The Beginning of the End” offers a glimmer of hope with the idea that true wealth lies within, something that can’t be tarnished by external circumstances. 

With “Time Tunnel,” the song encapsulates the band’s exploration of alternate timelines and the desire to avoid disaster by embracing the opportunities presented in the present.  Through phrases like “She’s running out of time” and “One chance my show,” the song reflects on the passage of time and the insistence to seize opportunities before they slip away. The repetition of “Time Tunnel you know, time tunnel you know,” is a reminder of the tunnel-like nature of time, where one is constantly moving forward with limited chances to alter the course. It invites listeners to contemplate the complexities of existence within the confines of time. Ewan McKenzie’s emotive vocals convey a sense of urgency and reflection, echoing the band’s commitment to crafting music that resonates with deeper themes and societal truths. 

“Media Hack” is a snapshot of our times, a reflection of the chaos and beauty that define our world. The McKenzie FIX has crafted a musical gem that pays homage to the past while carving out its own distinct space in the contemporary music scene. If you’re a fan of artists like Tears for Fears, The Cure, or contemporary acts that embrace the 80s vibe, or you’re looking for a thoughtful and engaging album that complements nostalgic sounds with modern sensibilities, then The McKenzie FIX’s “Media Hack” is definitely worth checking out.


1 Media Hack 01:58
2 The Beginning Of The End 02:33
3 Mismatch 03:36
4 A Man, A Car and A Gun 04:29
5 Hole In My Soul 04:24
6 In The Picture 03:43
7 Trapped 04:19
8 High Rise Demise 03:40
9 Elsewhere 04:17
10 Holyrood Park 03:51
11 Time Tunnel 04:17
12 High Strangeness 04:17
13 The End Of The Beginning 01:45

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