Natalie K has once again captured the essence of pure pop pleasure with her latest single, “Dance With Me,” released on April 19th. The track marks her eighth single and showcases her evolving artistry and knack for crafting memorable pop anthems.

“Dance With Me” springs to life with vibrant energy, inspired by an unforgettable night out in Los Angeles. The song is an ode to living in the moment, urging listeners to let loose on the dance floor. From the very first beat, the chill synths and catchy melodies transport you straight to the heart of California’s nightlife, with its neon lights and carefree spirit.

The song’s origin story adds a layer of authenticity to its infectious vibe. Co-written with singer-songwriter Raquel Telfer in Nashville, the lyrics came naturally to Natalie. The imagery of “Friday night, California dreams. Neon lights, spilling drinks,” pictures a relatable and enticing scene of a typical night out. The collaboration between Natalie and Raquel produced a song that feels both effortless and meticulously crafted.

Natalie’s decision to create a music/lyric video hybrid rather than a traditional music video is a refreshing take. The visuals beautifully complement the song’s narrative, using a series of photos to recount the memories depicted in the lyrics. This approach not only adds a personal touch but also aligns perfectly with the song’s theme of capturing fleeting, magical moments. The inclusion of an incredible cast and the palpable sense of fun during the shoot enhances the authenticity of the visuals, making the video feel like an extension of the song itself.

The production team behind “Dance With Me” deserves special mention. With Billy Lefler on production, Adrian Alvarado handling mixing duties, and Hans Dekline mastering the track, the song’s polished and professional sound is undeniable. Each element, from the rhythmic bass to the hypnotic synth lines, is expertly balanced, creating a track that’s as danceable as it is chill.

The lyrics of “Dance With Me” are straightforward yet impactful, perfectly capturing the euphoria of a night out. Lines like “Move to the bass, feel the heat. Hands on my waist, you got me,” evoke the physical and emotional connection that music can inspire. The repeated call to “dance with me” feels like an invitation not just to the dance floor, but to experience the freedom and joy that come with letting go.

For those in Los Angeles, the opportunity to see Natalie K perform “Dance With Me” live, one night only at The Hotel Cafe Main Stage on April 16th was not to be missed. The release party, supported by Lions Partners Insurance and Buy Armenian, promised to be a night filled with music, giveaways, and celebration.

In “Dance With Me,” Natalie K has delivered a song that is both a celebration of the moment and a nostalgic nod to nights that become cherished memories. It’s a track that invites you to dance, to feel, and to let the music take over. Whether you’re in the middle of a crowded dance floor or simply daydreaming of California nights, “Dance With Me” is the perfect soundtrack.

Song Credits:

Music and Lyrics by Natalie Kalamdaryan and Raquel Telfer

Produced by Billy Lefler

Mixed by Adrian Alvarado

Mastered by Hans Dekline


Lyric Video Credits:

Starring: Natalie Kalamdaryan

Executive Producer: Natalie Kalamdaryan

Creative Director: Ilaria DePlano

Photographer: Liana Grigorian


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