The uplifting Debut EP “Liberation” by JP.Kazadi lives up to its title, providing a varied soundscape that cuts over genre boundaries showcasing the London singer-songwriter’s eclecticism and emotional depth. The six-track project combines pop, R&B, and soul components with hints of Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, and Bob Dylan influences to create his distinctive and engrossing sound.

The EP opens with “Rivers,” a stirring accapella piece that blends soul, jazz, and gospel  The lyrics, “Take me to the rivers of love and freedom,” create a striking image of seeking consolation and inner empowerment, acting as a plea for self-transformation. The acapella format highlights Kazadi’s vocal abilities, allowing his voice to soar with honest emotion.

“Let Me Love You” and “For You” highlight Kazadi’s romantic side. “Let Me Love You” has a more modern R&B vibe, flowing with deep emotions, while “For You” is a soulful ballad proclaiming unshakable love and devotion.

The acoustic driven “Fly High” takes a shift towards motivational anthems. With its uplifting lyrics and soaring chorus, the song encourages listeners to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. “Fly away so high, reach high so high,” is sure to resonate with anyone seeking inspiration.

The heartfelt celebration of inner beauty found in “Made Beautiful” is a soothing reminder to listeners to value and cherish their individuality. The song’s uplifting message is further emphasized by the warm and inviting soundscape. 

“Liberation,” the EP’s title track, is a potent closer that inspires introspection and the awareness of one’s boundless potential. The backdrop of the song accentuates its uplifting message, creating a memorable impression.

JP.Kazadi made his musical debut in 2021 and has since released eight singles. The debut EP “Liberation” is a promising introduction to this emerging musician, and a future music collaboration with Victoria Monet, Chronixx, Chris Stapleton, or Solange would be a dream record!

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