Flowers For Juno‘s sophomore single, “It’s Not My Fault,” is a heady cocktail of gothic metal grandeur and lovelorn vulnerability. The emerging duo, known for their “raunchy riffs, colossal choruses, and melodic melancholy,” delivers a track that’s as intoxicating as it is melancholic.

The song opens with distorted guitars and thunderous drums by Jack Wilson on instruments. The lyrics are a confessional outpouring sung with raw sincerity by Benjó James on vocals. They paint a picture of someone utterly smitten, childlike in their adoration, in the presence of their beloved. Phrases like “robbed of words” and “fingers never felt more empty” speak of a consuming infatuation that leaves them breathless and yearning.

This is no ordinary love song. The chorus is a gothic metal anthem, soaring with expressive vocals and driving guitars. The repeated refrain “It’s not my fault you make me feel this way” is an admission of vulnerability; a swirling vortex of yearning and melancholy, where the lyrics walk a tightrope, where adoration bleeds into obsession, and every whispered plea feels like a desperate prayer for salvation.

The final chorus is a cathartic release, a desperate cry for reciprocation, for a chance to join hands “for only this day and all others.”

“It’s Not My Fault” is an evocative track that will resonate with anyone who has ever been consumed by love, for better or worse. We look forward to hearing more from this newly formed duo from Newcastle.

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