Daj, the enigmatic singer-songwriter and producer from New Jersey, has returned with a new track, “Higher,” that’s as smooth as his soulful vocals and as introspective as his words. It’s a song about the artist’s internal battle between the enticing embrace of ease and the persistent pull of self-improvement.

“I feel good yet and still I know I’m due for changes,” Daj says in the first lyrics, setting the tone for an introspective voyage. He wrestles with the fear of complacency, realizing that while contentment is simple, it is insufficient for his restless spirit. “Any reasonable man could/ Be more than content with the way it is,” he sings before divulging the source of his unease: “I’m cursed with a gift, I’m a perfectionist/ And I’m shameless.”

This self-proclaimed perfectionism is delivered with vulnerability rather than arrogance, which draws the listener in. Daj reveals his fears and insecurities, fears that many would recognize in their own struggles with ambition and self-doubt.

“Higher” is a fantastic example of understated cool production. Mellow beats and Daj’s honey-like voice create a serene and thought-provoking soundscape. It’s the ideal setting for his thoughtful lyrics, allowing them to ring true without being obscured by extraneous frills.

The chorus, “Trying to move higher/ Higher, higher, higher,” is a straightforward yet powerful self-motivational statement that holds the song’s genuine strength. It’s a sentiment shared by anyone who has ventured to dream outside of their comfort zone.  Through “Higher,” Daj makes this pledge to both his audience and himself: he won’t accept anything less than reaching his greatest potential. It’s a reminder that we’re all on a path of self-discovery, and that the view from the top is always worth the effort. 

An EP is set for release in 2024.

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