Christina Jones, a versatile artist with roots in musical theater, bares her soul in the evocative single, “Old News.” Born from a period of personal darkness, the song delves into Jones’s struggles with depression, anxiety, and a pervasive sense of inadequacy.

In her own words, Jones describes the song as an invitation into her mind during a time when she questioned the worthiness of the life she led. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of anguish, with Jones expressing feelings of being on the edge, standing precariously and contemplating a fall just to feel the wind beneath her wounded wings.

/ I’ve been standing on the edge for so long / I might fall / Just to feel the wind beneath my wounded wings / A caged bird singing her blues /

The metaphor of a caged bird singing her blues encapsulates the depth of her emotional turmoil. The refrain, “This is old news, I’m just old news,” echoes her internal dialogue of self-doubt.

Despite the somber tones, “Old News” carries a glimmer of hope. Jones reflects on the transformative power of her experiences, turning adversity into triumph. The gradual crescendo in the musical arrangement mirrors her journey from despair to newfound strength.

“Old News” it’s a powerful narrative of personal struggle, self-discovery, and ultimate triumph. Through her hauntingly beautiful vocals and poignant lyrics, Jones invites listeners to share in her journey, reminding us all that even in our darkest moments, there is the potential for healing and transformation.


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