Many people approach the classic sounds of times past with an attitude of “if it aint broke…” But that is the equivalent of putting certain music genres in a museum or assuming that some styles and sounds have gone as far as they can go. More people should do what Candice Chenede does on this charming 5-track collection.

Whilst clearly displaying the upmost respect for the past glories and traditions of jazz, soul and blues, she takes such classic sounds and updates them for the modern listener. No one is going to knock those hallowed and iconic pop divas off their cocktail lounge stool but you can still pull up a chair and join their party.

Rebirth is a wonderful regeneration process, an EP built on timeless vocal styles and then brought bang up to date. A blend of old school charm and modern sass runs through her music, sometimes leaning more towards the former, such as on the gorgeous Gone, often adding modern pop polish with songs like Fall and often a seamless and sensational blend of the two.

The wheel doesn’t need re-inventing, but sometimes it needs to be polished up, re-treaded and taken for a spin. Rebirth is the sound of those heady sounds from a few lifetimes ago being resurrected… perhaps that should be resuscitated or even merely awoken… to live again in a modern setting.

The perfect blend of then and now, what was, what if and what will be!

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