Berlin-based songwriter Elkvilla, also known as Adam Dudek, is back with his third release “The Cold Will Keep You Here,” a melancholic and poetic account on a love grown cold.

As Adam explains, he produces his music in his Berlin apartment, often wrapped up in a typical German frozen climate.

The wintery atmosphere and the loneliness of solo production instill in the artist a subtle melancholic feel, brilliantly embodied by the encounter between elements of pop-folk and influences from post-rock.  Recalling the work of Elliott Smith, Daughter, and Ben Howard, Elkvilla provides the perfect acoustic atmosphere, enriched by a few electro influences, to ruminate on love and relationship issues.

The metaphor of the cold season is the perfect representation of a relationship that is slowly dying and the ethereal musical moods in the song are a perfect match for the topic.

Elkvilla has released three more songs throughout 2019, including the wistful “Sink”. Adam’s Australian roots (he was actually born in Sydney), in contrast with the cold German weather, must have been an important factor in the creation of Elkvilla’s sorrowful musical landscapes.

A very interesting artist, with an authentic sound and some great production skills, we hope Elkvilla will soon be back with some more wintery music for our melancholic ears.

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