Alicia Blue is a storyteller, singer, and songwriter with a unique attitude. Her songs are vibrant and colorful, yet intimate and dynamic, making for an interesting and insightful sonic approach.

What’s even more interesting is that she is often keen on blurring the lines between various styles and influences. As a result, her music is captivating and kaleidoscopic, giving the audience a well-rounded experience. Her most recent release is a stark collection of songs, with unflinching lyrics and inventive arrangements. Alicia’s influences tip the hat off to the greats of the 60s – from Ani DiFranco, down to Bob Dylan and The Beatles, anything goes. 

Her self-titled debut album features 7 songs, highlighting the beautiful dichotomy between Alicia’s retro influences, and her fondness for modern-day topics and social issues. The album notably features “Incognito,” and “Magma,” two well-received singles that set the bar higher in terms of melodic engagement and poignant songwriting.


1. Come on Home

2. Where Are You Going

3. Uncle Juan He Wastes His Stardust

4. Magma

5. Incognito

6. Por Un Amor

7. Fairweather