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The Ones You Love { Single Review } Daniel Blake

Daniel Blake is an artist with a focus on creating original music, inspired by genres as diverse as, pop, folk, and more. Lately, Daniel has been busy inspired by the spirit of Christmas, and he followed his creative music to celebrate this fantastic season.

His recent song, “The Ones You Love,” is an exciting step forward in the artist’s career, highlighting the musician’s creative approach and vision. Fans of artists like Ben Howard, Fleet Foxes, and Sufjan Stevens will definitely connect with Daniel’s vision.

What stands out about this tune is the perfect synergy between the country-inspired snare rhythm and the vocal melody. Each element in the arrangement is tailored to perfection, allowing the track to breathe and unfold as the arrangement acquires a deeper, more personal dimension.

This is exactly the kind of music that begs your full attention, and loudspeakers (or headphones) blaring, so you can really seize the full, thunderous energy of the production!

We definitely recommend this one to any fan of indie-folk and acoustic music, and especially if you like honest lyrics and a good hook. Plus we really do need some new classics to play during the holidays and this surely will be played year after year, hereon out!

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