Fall Out Boy fans not thrilled with wealthy lib Pete Wentz’s elitism!/petewentz/status/495467034306543616

So staunch Obama-supporting liberal, nationalized health care pimp, and million-dollar-mansion owner Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out boy wants his fans to just hop on a plane and catch his next concert in Mexico. Where he and his bandmates will undoubtedly “rage” against the 1 percenters.!/petewentz/status/495467034306543616

Dude. The young, struggling Americans who make up Wentz’s fan base had a thing or two to say in response to the out-of-touch entertainer’s flippant tweet.!/thetrohman/status/495467104595107840!/casturbation/status/495467115596754946!/onpatricksstump/status/495467135737819136!/thkspete/status/495467155643969536

This Twitter user says Wentz deleted a second tweet urging people to fly to his concert in Mexico:!/taylorsspirit/status/495673485906419712

How about redistributing the wealth, dude?!/jessquake15/status/495467216348123136

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‘Well trolled, Metallica’: Band pokes back at anti-hunting whiners [video, pics]

Dear anti hunting whiners complaining about James Hetfield

No one cares. Metallica didn't get cancelled from Glastonbury

Happy crywanking.

— Markus Von Bastarde (@CountBastardo) June 29, 2014

Last month, Twitchy told you about the halfwits who wanted Metallica frontman James Hetfield murdered for his support of hunting. Hetfield narrates “The Hunt,” the History Channel’s series on Kodiak brown bear hunting.

If they couldn’t see him hunted down and shot to death, critics hoped Metallica would at least get yanked from the Glastonbury music festival in England. Others complained that heavy metal doesn’t belong at Glastonbury.

But the whiners lost and Metallica couldn’t resist addressing the screechy uproar. “Glastallica” T-shirts proudly flaunting the criticism were reportedly sold at the festival.!/HBRed99/status/483050466822344705

And then the band addressed haters by debuting this short film featuring gun-wielding band members in bear costumes and British fox hunters.!/Metallica/status/482999598156242944

Some found the film confusing, with many baffled YouTube commenters asking, “WTF did I just watch?”!/fifi3chui/status/483156711910682625

Others were certain the film and t-shirts were master-level trolling and a middle-finger salute to the hate brigade.!/Matt_Rahn89/status/483460863484239872!/bloughlin16/status/483360762002677760!/natcummins/status/483211375251296256!/Jinjabread/status/483021105905405952

The film was directed by Julien Temple, the filmmaker who made “The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle” for the Sex Pistols.!/BennyMetal13/status/483517197063847936

For Whom The Band Trolls.

Editor’s note: Thanks to commenter “Maryland_Malcontent” for pointing out that our earlier post on James Hetfield was published last month. The first sentence has been amended accordingly.

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‘Booyah! ISIS problem solved’ thanks to Yoko Ono!/av8ok/status/513823840338591745


I did it in NYTimes in USA and Observer in Britain for friends who consider themselves Family of Peace, and know …

— Yoko Ono (@yokoono) September 21, 2014

Surrender we much … we must and we will much … about … that … be committed. Or something.

Booyah! ISIS problem solved (if they subscribe to the NYT)!!!!!!!

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) September 21, 2014

@JonahNRO Family of Peace sounds like a sex cult from SVU

— john r stanton (@dcbigjohn) September 21, 2014

@yokoono Great. Hopefully my in laws who subscribe to the Times via my sister in law will actually pay attention to the message.

— Molly Malone (@anglophilelady) September 21, 2014

@yokoono Problem solved! Why didn't you do this years ago & spare us all the wars? OK barbarians, stop sawing heads off. Yoko said so.

— John Sheridan (@JohnSheridan12) September 21, 2014

#PacifismIsObjectivelyProFascist! | RT @JonahNRO "Booyah! ISIS problem solved (if they subscribe to the NYT)!!!!!!" –

— Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) September 21, 2014

@JonahNRO fascist typography IMHO

— Steven (@TinMachineII) September 21, 2014

@AdamBaldwin @JonahNRO #notallpacifists

— Ali Fareed MC (@AliAliFareedMC) September 21, 2014

@JonahNRO Can't we force ISIS to listen to her music for a week?

— A Raised Eyebrow (@ARaised_Eyebrow) September 21, 2014

Our nation does not torture folks like that.

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‘Any regrets, Brad?’ Wreckovery news prompts brutal Woodhouse flashback!/JimmyPrinceton/status/481792709019967488

Rut-roh … wonder if Brad Woodhouse has gone into hiding. Who could blame him? After this morning’s craptastic news that the economy shrank by 2.9 percent in the first quarter, we’re guessing the last thing the former DNC comms director wants to do is face the music:!/conkc2/status/481806162971459584

It’s really something:!/woodhouseb/status/462214969086332928

Awk-ward! For him, that is. Because as lousy as the economic news is for us, there’s still a silver lining: Brad Woodhouse has further cemented his reputation as a colossal jackass. And that, friends, is schadenfreudelicious:!/lyndseyfifield/status/481780481277833216!/Red_Eye_Robot/status/481807490716155906!/Calle_Elefante/status/481804534071562240!/OrwellForks/status/481809679790522368!/TedInATL/status/481804747801100289

He’s getting used to it.!/beebobaby/status/481795484650991616

Bon appétit, Brad.



Twitchy coverage of Brad Woodhouse

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