Are Google and YouTube poised to screw over indie recording artists?!/JulianLennon/status/479054905164832768

YouTube is launching a new music video subscription service and artists who don’t agree to their terms may be left out in the cold.!/viticci/status/479053312386686976

According to Billboard:!/textfiles/status/479049689082634240!/JaedenStormes/status/479011371321806848!/JaedenStormes/status/479036020508213249!/DarnaaMusic/status/479117143926001664



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‘Utterly genius’: Watch @GoRemy skewer scandal-ridden Obama admin [video]!/BrianFaughnan/status/524306963589386242

Yep! As usual:

The reviews are in, and they’re glowing:

No arguments here!



Hey-oh! Comedian Remy Munasifi expertly sums up IRS scandal hearing

‘Zing’! Comedian @GoRemy’s advice to Kristen Bell is music to our ears 

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‘American Idol’ viewers still wondering: Why is Harry Connick Jr. so orange? Or yellow?!/JillK42/status/428714075632062465

New “American Idol” judge Harry Connick Jr. has won raves for his music theory expertise and fresh injection of energy on the talent show’s panel. But as Twitchy noted a few weeks ago, many admirers are alarmed by his rather unnatural color.

Tonight, inquiring minds still wondered: Why so orange, Harry? Or yellow? Scary!!/JosieNation/status/428724082742689792!/Jaclyn_Condo/status/428763009712791552

Ack. It’s getting in his beard.!/wilmes_jessica/status/428754539672379393

Back off the Cheetos. And the sprayer.!/Chelsiecrist/status/428719801348136960

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DJ duo: Ebola was manufactured for population control!/themartinezbros/status/521602694658543617

What is it with musicians and Ebola?

Yesterday, Twitchy brought you the story of a Grammy-nominated production team, Arkatech Beatz, which claimed that Ebola is a fake scenario conjured up by pharmaceutical companies.

The Martinez Brothers, “globe-trotting DJ superstars” from the Bronx, also hold peculiar views about Ebola.

And if you don’t agree with them, “your buggin.”

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