Get Target’s free all original holiday music 2010: “The Christmas Gig”

“What’s your seasonal soundtrack?

Is it jolly ol’ beat? Or do you prefer a little peace and love with your lyrics? Tune your mood to Merry,” says Target- one of America’s popular retailers.

Presenting Target’s Holiday album for 2010 with all original songs from 13 artists from various genres.

Discover fresh songs to rekindle your spirit. Get the free download of these songs at Target.

1. Tiny Tree Christmas by GUSTER
Just because home for the holidays happens to be a one-bedroom apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate big. This song, written and performed by pop mainstay Guster, will make you realize that sometimes the true spirit of Christmas can be best measured in inches, rather than feet.

2. Toy Jackpot by BLACKALICIOUS
Some music takes you back, like way back when footie pajamas were the sleepwear of choice and eating candy canes for breakfast seemed like a good idea. Blackalicious delivers this song from the point of view of a child on Christmas morning, channeling the excitement one could only feel during a total, paper-tearing toyfest.

3. Snow is Falling by DARKER MY LOVEIn the annual race to see who can elicit the most oohs and aahs from passersby, holiday displays may soon require enough wattage to warrant their very own powergrid. Yet, as Los Angeles indie rockers Darker My Love see things, the most simply celebrated Christmas can very well outshine them all.

4. Perfect Giftby NATALIE HEMBY
What was the most perfect gift you every received? A princess castle? The latest gaming system? A holiday sweater? (Okay, bad example). Regardless, as Nashville-based singer Natalie Hemby writes in this beautifully performed song, perhaps the most perfect gift of all is staring right back at you.

5. 10,000 Wattsby CRYSTAL ANTLERS What better way to blast your holiday spirit than with the sheer wattage of lights that leave your neighbors in awe. Critically acclaimed rock outfit Crystal Antlers puts the fist pump back in Christmas with a tune that celebrates the razzle dazzle of the season.

6. You’ll Never Find My Christmas by BISHOP ALLEN
It happens every Christmas: You bought some fabulous gifts for your loved one and the search is on for the perfect hiding place. After all, it’s all about the surprise. This playful pop duet comes from the brainy, Harvard-educated minds of Bishop Allen, who remind us that great gifts come to those who wait (and don’t peek!).

7. Get Down for the Holidays by JENNY O.
Holidays are a time of togetherness, reflection and, of course, hitting as many parties as your schedule allows. We’re talking work parties. Neighborhood parties. Old friends and new. Are you ready to let loose with a few new merry moves? This track by Jenny O is good place to start.

8. Mrs. Claus Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Meby LITTLE JACKIE
All due respect to Mrs. Claus–life in the North Pole can be a handful, what with all the elves and keeping Santa fed. But rising R&B duo Little Jackie thinks they can handle the job. And they’ll put a little more groove in your holiday moves.

9. Got Something For You by BEST COAST, WAVVES
With the holidays comes great warmth of spirit. Especially when it comes from coastal California. Best Coast and Wavves are two fresh indie-pop bands from the sunshine state, who bring timeless sunshiny melodies in this ode to all things Christmas. Tap your toes and dream of surfing in the snow.

10. It’s Christmas by COCONUT RECORDS
Imagine what it would be like if it was Christmas every day. While we admit that the first word that comes to mind may very well be “awesome!” You have to wonder, would it feel as special? Coconut Records, a solo project by Jason Schwartzman, touches on how the wait makes it all the more wonderful.

11. Party Hard by LITTLE ISIDORE
We left no musical stone unturned while making The Christmas Gig, and with Little Isidore we pay homage to all the great crooners of a bygone era, a time when Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra were king. This song will transport you back to the days of placing blue tinsel on your silver Christmas tree.

12. Súper Mamá (Supermom) by THE PINKER TONES
You think Santa is busy? Try being Mom, considering all the decorating, shopping and hosting she takes on—all without the help of highly-trained elves. This Barcelona-based group pays tribute to all the holiday hats worn by Mom. Because when it comes to her plate, there’s a lot more on it than just milk and cookies.

13. Un Regálo Para Mí (A Present For Me) by CECI BASTIDA
Have you ever gone on a full-blown Santa stakeout? Did the longest hour of your life involve waiting for your parent’s to get up Christmas morning? Then, you can relate to this Tijuana singer-songwriter, as she channels the joy of being a kid on the Holidays. Go ahead and give it a listen (this time, it’s okay to peek).