If You Can Watch These Sisters Without Choking Up, You Might Want To Check Your Pulse. WOW.

Gracie and Quincy Latkovski love dancing together and absolutely nothing will stop them. Not even Grace’s wheelchair. 9 year-old Grace uses a wheelchair because of her cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis. She still loves dancing with her older sister, though, who is 11. Gracie shows us all how to live life to the fullest and overcome incredible odds. She is an inspiration.

Gracie isn’t pushed around onstage, either. She moves her mechanical wheelchair herself and dances to the music.

They pick the songs themselves. Recently, they danced to “Reflection,” from the Disney film Mulan.

When you watch these girls in action, it’s hard not letting the tears stream down your face.

Because they’ll show you what true strength and beauty look like.

To see Gracie and Quincy dance, just watch their performance from JAMfest Dance Super Nationals. Quincy begins the dance as Gracie’s reflection in a wheelchair, only to rise and begin to dance with her younger sister. (I got chills just describing it, you have to see it for yourself.) Amazing. Source: Vimeo Share their dance with others by clicking below. This performance is worth seeing.

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