They Share Something Heartbreaking, But It’s So Beautiful When They Come Together

On any given night in the United States, over 500,000 sleep outside without protection. Homelessness affects hundreds of thousands of people across the country, and in quite a few states, numbers are rising.

Many people write off those experiencing homelessness as being lazy, and they speak ill of those struggling with addiction. In reality, however, these people could be anyone. They could be your grandmother. They could be your neighbor who lost his job. They could be the wounded veteran who was let down after serving her country.

Even though kind citizens across the nation spend their time and money helping them, the system often works against homeless people. After all, keeping morale up is hard when employers don’t want to interview them and passersby stigmatize their circumstances. That’s why the Dallas Street Choir is so important to homeless Texans.

By raising their voices, they uplift their community and stand in solidarity together.

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Even though homelessness affects thousands, it is an isolating experience. Through the power of music, these people can join hands with others who share their struggles. To learn more about the Dallas Street Choir, visit their website. You can also donate to their cause here!

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Singing Contractors Surprise A Woman In The Hospital With A Lovely Song

Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett grew up with a love of music and working with their hands. As fate would have it, they recently ended up combining the two.

The pair are professional contractors from central Indiana, but have been sharing their joy for song by performing under the name The Singing Contractors. Their passionate renditions of Christian tunes have gained them a bit of a following in their area, so when they heard that one of their fans had taken ill and was in the hospital, they decided to surprise her by singing a beautiful version of “Old Rugged Cross,” right there by her sickbed.

What a wonderful thing to do for someone. I bet that meant the world to her.

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Grandma Who Wished Life Was Like A Musical Gets A Heartwarming Flash Mob Surprise

For fans of Broadway music, it would be like a dream if every scenario could play out like a scene from a musical.

It’s a dream that grandmother Maureen St. Pierre has often mentioned to her kids, saying that life can always be vastly improved with a melody.

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For her 85th birthday, the musical theater actress got the surprise of her dreams when her children arranged a flash mob. Her daughter, Danielle Digby, spent months planning the event and told her mom to meet for a photo before her birthday dinner. While at the first location, actors broke out in song, surprising St. Pierre by performing two numbers from “Hello, Dolly!” Moments later, the teary-eyed grandmother got up and joined the performance herself.

Her reaction when she became the center of the flash mob is priceless. What an incredible birthday surprise!

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Street Musicians Invite A Man In Need To Play With Them, And Then? A Surprise!

On Labor Day, YouTube magician and all-around nice guy, Stuart Edge, teamed up with a few friends to perform a street show in Salt Lake City.

But their plan wasn’t to just sing and play music to put a few smiles on random passers-by faces. No, they had something much bigger in mind. After searching for a total stranger to join their band, they found a man down on his luck. The band invited him to play along with them, promising him that he could keep half their tips. He agreed, even saying he needed it since he had felt so depressed lately, as he had been living on the streets for a while.

They then presented a nice surprise for the man at the end of their beautiful performance.

(Source: Stuart Edge)

It warms my heart to see something like this. It’s good to know there are people out there that just want to bring some positivity to the world by helping others.

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