He Was Born Without Fingers, But That Didn’t Stop Him From Becoming A Pianist

Alexey Romanov was born with a debilitating illness that left him without fingers or hands.

But that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dreams. In the most unlikely fashion, Romanov has become a successful pianist and serves as an inspiration to everyone suffering from a disability.

His adoptive parents noticed he had a fondness for music early on, so they bought him a synthesizer. He began to learn how to play it and then started entering (and even winning) competitions. After learning the basics of music from friends, Romanov has soared to new heights and even performed with the highly respected Russian orchestra, La Primavera chamber orchestra.

See his skills up-close here:

(via The Guardian)

Let Alexey Romanov be an inspiration not only to those with disabilities, but to all of us. Even when facing overwhelming adversity, you can overcome it and become hugely successful if you put your mind and heart to it.

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Look Inside The Apartment Of A Killer Who Used The Bodies Of Dead Girls As Dolls

In 2014, the world was shocked following the arrest of 47-year-old Russian Anatoly Moskvin. Moskvin was a prolific grave robber, and he specifically targeted the graves of little girls. Over the course of several years, Moskvin took dozens of corpses back to his apartment.

What’s worse is that he dressed the bodies up to make them look like dolls, applying makeup to their faces and putting music boxes inside their rib cages. When he was arrested, police recorded a video of the inside of his apartment before they removed the evidence that they needed.

This video might be disturbing to some readers.

(source: Ivan Zarubin)

Sadly, it’s unlikely that Moskvin will ever go to prison. Following his arrest, government psychologists deemed him mentally unfit to stand trial. He is currently undergoing treatment at a psychiatric center under the condition that he is never released.

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This Cotton Candy Vendor Will Dance His Way Into Your Heart With His Sweet Moves.

Michael Jackson was the “King of Pop.” He spent his entire life earning and living up to the title with his award-winning music and incredible dancing skills. His impression on the entertainment industry inspired countless others following in his footsteps.

I’m not just talking about Jackson’s fellow musicians. Russian confectioner David Shtorm is anything but “Bad,” as he channels the legendary singer while working at his cotton candy cart. The tasty treat becomes extra delightful with his dance moves and unbelievable energy, earning his own title as “Candy King.”


The answer to your question is yes, he is available for parties. You can find more information and videos on his Twitter account. 

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