11 Reasons Bad Gal Rihanna Is Actually A Great Role Model

In praise of a good girl gone bad.

11. She has excellent role models.

10. Her signature look is confidence.

When it comes to fashion, Rihanna follows no rules and gives no fucks — she’s walked the red carpet in a see-through gown, accepted an award with her hair in a doobie wrap, and strutted the streets in full-body denim. She wears what she wants, when she wants and doesn’t care what anyone else has to say about it.

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9. She doesn’t treat her female peers like rivals.

Is there a pop star more committed to dismantling the bullshit narrative that all successful women are competitors than Rihanna? She has collaborated with Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Shakira, spent dozens of award shows snuggled up to bestie Katy Perry and has openly expressed her admiration for Queen Bey.

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8. She’s not afraid to take a stand.

7. Her music is the definition of sex-positive.

Months before Fifty Shades Of Grey hit stores, Rih conquered radio with “S&M,” a pro-kink anthem that dares to make rough sex actually sound fun. Her music is judgement-free zone where expressing your sexuality — even the less mainstream elements of it — won’t undermine your power or diminish your worth.


6. Her soulmate isn’t a man, it’s her BFF Melissa Forde.

5. She refuses to be slut-shamed.

Rihanna loves her body. She also loves sex. This shouldn’t be controversial but there are plenty of people who’d like to shame her into different choices. When nude photos from her phone leaked and caused an uproar online, Rihanna didn’t apologize for posing in private or have her publicist issue a denial. She decided to be a smart aleck on social media instead.

@PinaRihanna that would be… ME when I was skinny!

— rihanna (@Rihanna)

She was similarly unbothered when TLC’s Chili and T-Boz accused her of taking the easy route by selling sex. “We sold and became the biggest girl selling group of all time, with our clothes on,” T-Boz said. “That says a lot.” Rihanna’s response? A choice Twitter banner:

4. Seriously, she doesn’t need a man.


Stop asking about them!

3. She’s doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects in her music.

Instead of shying away from her own experience with domestic violence or trying to make it palatable, Rihanna has made the messier elements of her personal life central to her art. Every album since 2009’s Rated R has featured songs that deal explicitly with the effect and appeal of toxic relationships.

2. When she sings about sex, it’s almost always about what she likes and what she wants.





1. She’s not perfect and doesn’t try to be.

Rihanna is beautiful, talented, and extremely successful, but she’s also human. She’s made mistakes and she’s made them publicly. It’s part of her appeal — watching someone struggle and find their way is inspiring. Flawed role models are the best kind.

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Rihanna Serves Vocals On New Single “Towards The Sun”

It’ll be featured on the soundtrack for Home.

1. Last year, Rihanna announced she’d be releasing a “concept album” based on DreamWorks’ upcoming animated family film, Home.

Def Jam



She’s also voicing the main character, Tip.

2. Now, a full year after it was announced, the first taste of the album has made its way online and it’s good! Titled “Towards The Sun,” the song manages the tricky feat of being both family-friendly and distinctly Rihanna.

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Stream via Complex.

3. Also, vocals! In keeping with her other single “FourFiveSeconds,” Rih is singing on “Towards The Sun.”

4. According to a now-defunct Amazon listing, the soundtrack is due out March 17 and is rumored to feature three more new Rihanna songs, as well as new tracks from Charli XCX, Jennifer Lopez, and Kiesza.

Westbury Road Entertainment

1. “Red Balloon,” Charli XCX
2. “Run to Me,” Clarence Coffee Jr
3. “Dancing In the Dark,” Rihanna
4. “Peaceful Holiday,” James Clark
5. “Boov Death Song,” Jim Parsons
6. “Towards the Sun,” Rihanna
7. “As Real As You And Me,” Rihanna
8. “Deck the Halls,” The Platters
9. “Slushious,” Stargate & Balkan Beat Box
10. “Only Girl (In the World),” Rihanna
11. “Cannonball,” Kiesza
12. “Drop That,” Rihanna
13. “Feel the Light,” Jennifer Lopez

5. Fans are already clamoring for a video and it doesn’t look like they’ll have to wait long — last week, the pop star spent her birthday on a music video set.

7. This will definitely keep the famously ~patient and easy-going~ Navy happy until #R8, right?




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