HitPredictor gives YOU “power” to affect new music; win cool prizes while making a difference!

We chanced upon HitPredictor (formerly PromoSquad) while searching for ‘new music’ on the web. One link lead to another and what a great discovery HitPredictor is!

In essence HitPredictor allows users to hear and vote on new unreleased songs from upcoming artists like Crystal Bowersox to already known artists such as Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Goo Goo Dolls, Usher, Ti to Maroon 5 among others. As you rate the songs, you will get a chance to leave a comment and make suggestions as to what you think of the song and how to improve it. You get points along the way as you rate music and answer polls.

HitPredictor gives you the power to directly affect new music before it’s released to the public. Through HitPredictor, YOU can make an important difference in the music and influence record companies, radio stations, managers, today’s biggest artists and new up & coming artists. Membership is free, and you earn points to redeem for cool prizes!

What’s In It For You?

It’s easy and fun – check out great new music and win cool prizes!

* Be first in the world to hear the hottest new songs from your favorite, and up & coming artists. |  Make a difference – rate songs & artists – you choose the hits! | Win cool prizes through contests, raffles, and the HitPredictor prize store. |  Share your opinions about today’s hottest topics in music by voting in our polls. |  Submit your favorite unsigned artist. Get them a deal, and help them ‘Get Famous.’

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Here are some screen shots of what to expect when rating new music. We got to hear 3 of Crystal’s songs on her album “Farmer’s Daughter” last month and her album is set for release December 14th! We got to hear and rate Crystal’s songs ahead of everybody else!