20 Photos Of Reflections That Will Blow You Away

“Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it.”

Remember that famous line from the Oscar winner “American Beauty”? Ricky Fitts was quite a dramatic character, but his words ring true. There is a lot of beauty in the world if you take the time to slow down and notice it.

These 20 photos could be ordinary scenes if it weren’t for the magnificent reflections in ponds, puddles, and even cups of coffee! After seeing them, you might find yourself looking at your surroundings in a whole new way.

1. This watch was more determined to capture a tree than it was the time.

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2. A simple cup of joe came to life when morning light streamed through a tapestry.

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Apple Found Its Newest Billboards On The Internet

They’re stunning. BuzzFeed News talked to some of the casual photographers who shot them.

Last December, when the Bay Area had one of its rare rainy days, Cielo de la Paz took her kids out to play. She’s an avid photographer, “willing to wake up at five in the morning and hike 10 miles to get that shot of the sunrise,” and when she saw the reflection of her red umbrella on the wet concrete, she knew she had a good one.

“It took a few shots,” she said, “this was the last one I took, I was finally happy with how the wind arranged the leaves for me.”

She edited the shot with Filterstorm Neue, uploaded the picture to Flickr (she was taking part in the photo365 challenge), where Apple found it.

Then, they put it on a billboard.

Apple’s latest ad campaign, Shot on iPhone 6, is crowdsourced using iPhone photography from around the world. It is taking photos found online, typically seen in a browser window, and plastering them up in massive sizes out in the real world.

The message is simple: it’s hard to believe that photos this good can come from the device in your pocket.

Apple found them by scouring online communities for photos that were tagged as having been taken with its newest iPhones.

“I suppose they found the picture on Instagram,” said Frederic Kauffmann, “I was surprised to get the call.”

Kauffmann lives in Barcelona, and the shot above was taken in Pamplona. “I shot it in the winter. Usually you see plenty of people dressed in white and red, music and crowds. I wanted to have a different picture.”

Kauffmann is one of many international photographers tapped for the campaign and, at just 778 followers on Instagram, an example of how good hobbyists are getting at photography.

Photographs like these are just one example of smartphones unifying everything you might use into one device. The gap between phones and cameras has been shrinking for years now, and every year it gets closer to being eliminated entirely. This ad seems like Apple’s way of saying it is already gone.

“I have the 6 Plus, and the photos rival some of my pictures from my DSLR,” says de la Paz.

The ad campaign is showing off the features Apple has packed into the phone, but it also lends credence to the idea that you might only need one device on you at any given time.

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What This Guy Does Will Make You Look Twice. It’s Not Like Anything I’ve Ever Seen.

Paris based artist Sébastien Del Grosso is pushing the boundaries of self-portraits. Del Grosso began his career as a sketch artist. Until of course he discovered a love for photography and sought to combine the two. The result is an amazing mixed media self-portrait series called “The Sketch of a Life.” They remind me of the iconic “Take On Me” music video from A-ha. Check them out below:  

“Killer Sketch”

“Self sketch”

“Sketch the life”

“The power of the sketch II”

“Anonymous Sketch”

“Catch and sketch”

“Sketch your mentor” The woman here is Del Grosso’s grandmother.

“The power of the sketch”

“Sketch your (x) dreams”

“Sketch the sketcher”

“Sketch the love”

Del Grosso’s showing how he creates his portraits.

H/T: The Spidees Now I know who I’m hiring to do my next family portraits. Share these amazing photos with your friends by clicking below.

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‘The embargo is a joke’: Kate Spade shares photos from sojourn in Cuba!/BellBelleBella/status/480414712312508416

Not even America’s royal couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé, were able to sneak off to Cuba without making it an international incident and offending freedom-loving people everywhere. So what was the editorial director of Fathom, a partner of designer Kate Spade, doing in Cuba earlier this year? Her postcard-perfect Instagram account tells (part of) the story.

“music is everywhere in habana vieja. so are men with pick-up lines.”

“we’re ending our stroll where the daiquiri blenders whirl non-stop: el floridita, one of hemingway’s favorite bars in old havana. thanks for joining us!!”

“here, a vintage car is the only way to travel.”

No, it really is the only way to travel.!/ClaudiaLately/status/480446725581455360!/survivor214/status/475425407324270593

An excerpt from that blog post:!/JessStandsOut/status/473882543360835584

Editor’s note: This post and the headline have been corrected to state that it was an editorial director of Fathom, a company partnered with Kate Spade, who visited Cuba. It was not Kate Spade herself. Twitchy regrets the error.


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