6 Metal Band Members Who Were Somehow Much Scarier Than Their Music

As a fan of aggressive music, I’ve always been appalled by the portrayal of metal music in the media as something that’s only listened to by violent people. To me, appreciating this genre is more about loving the riffs, licks, and general roaring sounds of the music than it is about worshipping the Dark One.

But then I did some research and found out that there are some people out there who are into using metal as the background score for committing horrible atrocities against the human race. Here are a few metal band members who were somehow much scarier than their music.

Burzum’s church burning.

Church burning is a terrifyingly common thing in the extremely anti-religious world of Norwegian black metal, and no one is more notorious for burning churches than Varg Vikernes, who is known for his work in a one-man band called Burzum. Vikernes has been convicted for burning four churches, including Fantoft Stave Church, which was built in the 12th century and was considered architecturally significant.

Faust’s stabbing of a gay man.

A metal drummer named Faust — known for playing in the band Emperor — stabbed a gay man in a forest. In 1992, Faust was walking home from a pub when Magne Andreassen approached him and asked him to come into the woods. Faust, assuming that he wanted sex, agreed. He then stabbed the man 37 times.

The murder of Euronymous.

In 1993, our old friend Varg Vikernes went to the apartment of Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth and stabbed him 23 times. Vikernes claims that Aarseth was out to kill him, and that this was out of defense, but he served 15 years of his 21-year sentence. He was released in 2009.

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Satanist murders bassist Samong Traisattha for not being a true Satanist.

In 2014, Samong Traisattha, bassist of the Thai metal band Surrender of Divinity, invited a fan over for a drink. What he didn’t know was that the fan intended to murder Traisattha because the musician did not truly practice Satanism. Traisattha’s wife found her husband stabbed 30 times. The man responsible eventually admitted to his crimes on Facebook.

Gaahl tortures a party guest.

While waiting for the latest Gorgoroth album to come out, the band’s lead singer, Gaahl, was arrested for torturing a 40-year-old man for several hours at a party. While the man bled, Gaahl supposedly filled a cup with his blood and said, “I’m going to sacrifice you. I’m going to drink your blood.”

Nattramn’s assault of a 5-year-old.

Potentially the most mysterious character in black metal history, the lead singer of Silence — known as Nattramn — is said to have attacked a five-year-old girl with an axe. When police found him, he invited them to kill him. He was instead taken to a mental hospital from which he wrote and released an album in 2015.

When it comes to metal, it’s all chugs and scales until someone gets hurt. At the risk of sounding like a poser, I will say that the majority of metal bands that I listen to aren’t centered around the art of darkness, but instead try to convey emotion with their music. Still, I would urge metal listeners to do their research.

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R.I.P. Prince…But Is His Death Part Of A Massive Conspiracy Involving Chemtrails?

The world was shocked this week to learn of the death of award-winning musician Prince. At the time of this writing, the cause of Prince’s death has not been released to the public, but there is plenty of speculation out there. While, of course, reasonable explanations have arisen, there are also the slightly unhinged explanations for Prince’s death flooding social media.

The craziest so far has got to be from Alex Jones over at Infowars. Jones believes that Prince may have been the victim of a government conspiracy. The reason? His outspoken opposition to the phenomenon known as chemtrails

Yesterday, Jones’ website ran an article with the headline: “Did The Chemtrail Flu Kill Prince And Merle Haggard?”

The article goes on to speculate that Prince may have been suffering from a mysterious illness known as “Chemtrail Flu.” That is, an unknown flu-like illness said by conspiracy theorists to be spread via chemtrails.

As evidence, Jones cites an April 21 news story from TMZ that reported Prince’s jet needed to make an unscheduled landing in Illinois on April 15 due to a medical emergency.

The following day, Prince supposedly told his fans at a concert that he was battling the flu.

The final piece of evidence Jones presents is this 2010 interview in which Prince speaks out against chemtrails and speculates as to their purpose.

(via Infowars)

Hmm, now that is an interesting theory. The question, though, is does it have any basis in reality? He may have suffered from some odd strain of flu, but one spread via chemical agents in jet trails? Probably not. I think we’ll just have to accept that Prince passed away for no good reason. Life is terrible like that sometimes.

R.I.P. Prince.

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These 10 CGI Works Of Art Are Just Too Creepy To Handle

Computer-generated imagery, or CGI, is an awesome technology that has allowed us to create amazingly realistic simulations in movies, video games, and more.

But while CGI enables us to produce cool effects, it can also inspire some people to bring the dark scenes in their heads to life. Let’s just say that these scenes, some of which you can see below, are completely freaky.

Prepare yourselves, because we’re about to take a journey down the rabbit hole.

1. Their smiles make me shudder.

2. Wait, nevermind — this one is much worse.

YouTube / popcorn10

3. I really, really don’t like those teeth.

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4. I’m 500 percent sure that’s going to show up in my nightmares.


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5. This isn’t the work of a serial killer at all…

6. How do you even come up with something this twisted?

YouTube / popcorn10

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7. The music makes it so much creepier.

8. You might want to move back from your screen for this one.


9. You’re also a terror-aholic.

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10. Well, that’s completely disturbing.

YouTube / popcorn10

I have to admit that these are cool in their own creepy ways, but they sure are unsettling, to say the least.

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If You’re Looking For Something Terrifying To Do, Why Not Explore An Abandoned Jail?

While we don’t encourage people to explore run-down buildings, when they do — and subsequently share their photos — we can’t help but be in awe of what these daring adventurers find…

To get to an abandoned prison in Burwash, Ontario, Redditor trishm and her friends needed to sneak past an army base in the middle of night — and that was just the beginning of their journey.

When they entered the insanely creepy building, they were greeted with graffiti, decaying walls, and a claustrophobic feeling most likely shared by the inmates that once served their time there.

See that super ominous looking structure? That’s exactly where they were headed!

The Burwash Industrial Farm (also known as the Burwash Correctional Centre) was built in 1914. Between then and when it closed in 1975, the jail held anywhere from 180 to 820 inmates.

When the nearby Highway 69 was built, signs were posted warning drivers that any hitchhikers could very well be escaped convicts.

“Welcome to Hell!” Cheery.

Using inmate labor, a small town was built for the guards, prison staff, and their families. The town housed around 1,000 people and featured a church, post office, and even a public school.

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In 1966, convicted murderer Wayne Ford and two other inmates successfully escaped the prison. They walked 16 miles before stealing a car and driving to Toronto (which was more than 200 miles away).

The three were eventually caught and transferred to maximum security facilities.

Here’s one of the prison’s cells complete with a rather uninviting mattress. Feeling sleepy?

Trishm believes that this room was probably used for solitary confinement.

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Just a razor blade…and blood! No biggie.

Since Burwash’s closure, the government has proposed many projects for the facility, including turning it into a maximum security prison and even an Angora goat farm.

In 1980, the land was parcelled off to the Canadian National Defense Department, the native Burwash people, and a few others. It’s also used for an annual music festival.

Nearly all of the Burwash facilities have been demolished, except for this building, known by the prison as “Camp Bison.”

In 2012 Burwash’s access to Highway 69 was cut off. The only road to it now is a decommissioned one leading to Highway 637.

Trishm claims she saw a ghost while exploring the prison, and I don’t think I can dispute this claim, seeing as how I personally would never go anywhere near this place!

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