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‘Dying!’ Neil Patrick Harris scores with twerking #Grammys idea, Photobomb

Actor Neil Patrick Harris attended the Grammys Sunday night.

By “random,” he clearly meant “awesome.”

The actor scored big with these tweets, which both horrified and amused.

Make it happen? Or politely avert your eyes and then try to gouge your mind’s eye out to rid yourself of the traumatic mental image?

Dude. That was just uncalled for: The horror!

Sorry, buddy! It clearly never gets old as the number of NPH retweets indicate. The twerking tweets were already retweeted over 7,000 and over 5,000 times respectively.

Neil Patrick Harris continued to score with his running #Grammys commentary.


Giggles. Maybe that explains this?

Evidently, Neil Patrick Harris didn’t let that stop him from trying to get closer to John Legend:


Kudos, sir. Grammys win!


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15 Great Neil Patrick Harris Moments At The Oscars

In case you missed it.

1. The first words out of his mouth as Oscars host.

2. His opening musical number that was great (as always).

3. His duet with Anna Kendrick.


4. When he inserted himself into Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and Ghost.





5. This early “Adele Dazeem” joke he got in.


6. When he attempted to banter with celebrities in the aisle but they ended up being seat-fillers.


7. When he said this after Citizenfour‘s win.


8. This nod to last night’s Independent Spirit Awards.


9. When he called out sequels.




10. This introduction of Channing Tatum.


11. When he gifted us with this beauty of a Benedict Cumberbatch GIF.




12. When David Oyelowo did this after NPH mispronounced his name.


13. His Birdman parody.


14. This joke-within-a-joke-sketch with Miles Teller.


15. Which culminated in this.


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