Here are 10 awesome photos of the ‘blood moon’ eclipse!/JazzShaw/status/519793655104544768

This morning marks the second and final total lunar eclipse of 2014, with the moon entering the Earth’s shadow at around 4:00 a.m EST and exiting around 7:00 EST. NASA is hosting a Live Ustream of the eclipse (with music!) here. And what’s with the name “blood moon” anyway? Here’s NASA, again, with the answer:

During the time of total eclipse, the moon will often look reddish due to red and orange light being scattered by the atmosphere. This eerie, harmless effect has earned the tongue-in-cheek nickname “blood moon.”

No vampires? Sheesh. Now, on with the show!

The lunar eclipse has now officially begun. (Pic: @ianfairhurst) #BloodMoon

— (@smh) October 8, 2014

Lunar #eclipse is starting. Watch & learn more about them: #bloodmoon #lunareclipse

— NASA (@NASA) October 8, 2014

Cloudy outside? Daylight? We have a live stream view of the #eclipse #bloodmoon #lunareclipse

— NASA (@NASA) October 8, 2014

Watch our #LunarEclipse live stream & join our live chat now:  #bloodmoon #eclipse

— NASA (@NASA) October 8, 2014

Our talker this morning: The lunar eclipse! This from our WRAL camera. Next one is April 4, 2015. #bloodmoon

— Renee Chou (WRAL) (@chouchoutv) October 8, 2014

back of my camera shot! @AndrewNBC12 #bloodmoon

— Dawn Howeth (@dawnhoweth) October 8, 2014

The moon will be in a full lunar eclipse soon. We're hoping to see the red colors of the #BloodMoon by 7 a.m.

— WDRB News (@WDRBNews) October 8, 2014

The #LunarEclipse is now a #bloodmoon as its now in the Earth's shadow. Send pics to @IndraPetersons and @cnnireport

— Indra Petersons (@IndraPetersons) October 8, 2014

Here comes the #BloodMoon! How beautiful. Photo Cred: @TomKierein

— NBCWashington (@nbcwashington) October 8, 2014

#BloodMoon! Red & orange light scattered by the atmosphere. Watch: #LunarEclipse #eclipse

— NASA (@NASA) October 8, 2014

Upcoming eclipses visible the U.S.:

  • October 23, 2014 — partial solar eclipse
  • April 4, 2015 — total lunar eclipse
  • August 21, 2017 — total solar eclipse. Get the popcorn for that one.


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These Quotes From Apollo Astronauts Might Make You Believe In Aliens

When Americans first landed on the moon back in 1969, it inspired a wave of excitement about space travel. Many believed that this excitement would lead to settlements on the moon, which would make mankind an interplanetary species. Sadly, that never happened.

Could that be because the first men on the moon weren’t alone up there? It sounds like an outlandish claim, but judging by these NASA transcripts from the Apollo missions, there might be some truth to it.

Apollo 8


Here’s an excerpt from that mission:

03 16 44 39 LMP: There’s a strange light down there.
03 16 h4 45 CDR: Is it a bonfire?
03 16 24 47 LMP: It might be campfires.
03 16 h5 03 C5: How does it look?

Apollo 11

This one is especially scary.

03 08 20 18 IRP: That’s a spectacular crater.
03 08 20 23 CDR: Did you shoot some pictures while you were over there?
03 08 20 25 CMP: No, it’s just going by. We’d better get it later. There will be better times.
03 08 20 42 CMP: Boy, there must be nothing more desolate than to be inside some of these craters, these conical ones.
03 08 20 50 CDR: People that live in there probably never get out.

Apollo 10

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Some weird stuff was happening on the Apollo 10 mission.

04 06 13 02 LMP: That music even sounds outer-spacy, doesn’t it? You hear that? That whistling sound?
04 06 13 06 CDR: Yes.
04 06 13 12 CMP: Did you hear that whistling sound, too?
04 06 13 14 LMP: Yes. Sounds like – you know, outer-space-type music.
04 06 13 18 CMP: I wonder what it is.

04 12 09 16 CDR: What the hell was that gurgling noise?
04 12 09 25 LMP: I don’t know. But I’ll tell you, that eerie music is what’s bothering me.
04 12 09 28 CMP: God damn, I heard it, too.
04 12 09 29 LMP: You know that was funny. That’s just like something from outer space, really. Who’s going to believe it?
04 12 09 34 CMP: Nobody. Shall we tell them about it?
04 12 09 39 LMP: I don’t know. We ought to think about it some.
04 12 09 41 CMP: Did you hear it, Tom?
04 12 09 42 LMF: Yes, he heard it.
04 12 09 43 CDR: Yes.
04 12 09 47 LMP: Hell, I just want to get out of this suit.

Apollo 14


And what they said during this conversation is more than a little bit freaky.

03 12 22 39 I2_P: Really an interesting one, huh? Got a rugged one right out here with the central peaks.
03 12 23 05: Sure does. Really got a very complex central structure.
03 12 23 08 CR: It’s got one of the biggest central peaks. It’s a very unusual crater. But there are some dark areas in it and Farouk has gone on record saying that they are dikes.
03 12 23 37 CMl: That’s one right down there. Just shows how it dominates the whole photograph. Just an extremely bright crater. Sun angle just isn’t high enough for you to see it here …. Yes, they’re mining it, I think.

(via Reddit)

If these quotes were taken directly from NASA transcripts, what the heck were these guys seeing out there? Sure, we’re reading them out of context, but they’re freaky nonetheless.

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The Future Of Space Isn’t NASA… And That’s Not A Bad Thing.

Space: it’s the final frontier.

Space has long been exclusively navigated by the world’s most well-off nations (U.S and the Soviet Union) but the future of space exploration seems to be in the hands of private companies. Since it will be privately funded, CEOs will be able to determine the flight paths (and the style.) These guys are seriously ambitious.

Here are some of the craziest projects in the works from privately funded space programs:

1.) Check in to the Space Hotel: Robert Bigelow, owner of the hotel chain, Budget Suites of America, has also founded Bigelow Aerospace. It aims to facilitate travel destinations in space.

2.) A Giant Solar Generator: The Shimuzu Corporation is planning on building a mega-scale solar generator on the moon’s surface. If all of our energy is generated by solar panels on the moon, how will your neighbors with solar panels on their roof make you feel like a bad person?

3.) Zero Gravity Concerts: Lady Gaga hopes to be the first singer in space. The alien princess will be performing a zero gravity concert in New Mexico’s Spaceport America in 2015.

4.) Asteroid Mining: Planetary Resources, Inc. has an eye on asteroids… but not for the reason you may be thinking. They’re looking to mine them for precious metals.

5.) Space Robotics: The Google Lunar X Prize is a competition program sponsored by Google which challenges anyone to launch a robotic craft into space that can send pictures of the moon’s surface back to Earth. The prize? $20 million.

6.) Space Elevator: Investors are currently seeking funding to build the world’s first space elevator that would take you to a station 60,000 miles above earth. It’s still unclear if the space elevator would place space elevator music, but after an estimated 7 days of travel time, it better have some variety.

Woah, yeah so that was an excellent reminder that the future is now. If you’re as excited as we are to start a real-life Starfleet, give this a share on Facebook.

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