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Miley Cyrus hands over VMA acceptance speech to young homeless man

Winning the MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year for “Wrecking Ball,” Miley Cyrus bypassed the twerking and handed her acceptance speech over to a young homeless man named Jesse.!/JILEYJANOS/status/503735991451275264!/cyruscake/status/503738560454066176




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Did Lena Dunham compromise her feminist status with sleazeball Terry Richardson shoot?

The release of R. Kelly’s new CD, “Black Panties,” resulted in a lot of press (and tweets). Not all of it was fawning reviews; Slate ran a piece called “R. Kelly, Terry Richardson, and the Power of the Bankable Creep.” As Slate notes, Kelly “has been accused of raping dozens of teenage girls” and “indicted on child pornography-related charges.” (Kelly was acquitted by a Chicago jury.) He also has recorded a duet with Beyoncé and performed with Lady Gaga at this year’s AMAs.

As their headline suggests, Slate’s Amanda Hess also took on creepster photographer Terry Richardson, the man who recently convinced Miley Cyrus to ride a prop wrecking ball totally nude for a music video. As Slate notes, “[Lena] Dunham has, however, been photographed by Richardson; he is a hipster staple and also her friend.” So, has Dunham compromised her feminist credentials?

Some did more than just imply it. Take Michelle Malkin, for example.


As Malkin wrote last month:!/talkradio200/status/413808217072738304

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