He Rescued This Dog And Then Made A Hilarious Music Video With Him

Some people celebrate a new furry family member with tons of treats, toys, and love.

But when Liam Sullivan took Fido home from the local animal shelter, he had more…grand plans in mind.

Since Sullivan lives in the Bel Air portion of Los Angeles, he saw an opportunity to recreate the intro to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air…but this time with his pup in the starring role! The result is adorable.

I’m not going to lie…I think I prefer this version to the original.

How did you celebrate your new adopted pet when you took them home?

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They Share Something Heartbreaking, But It’s So Beautiful When They Come Together

On any given night in the United States, over 500,000 sleep outside without protection. Homelessness affects hundreds of thousands of people across the country, and in quite a few states, numbers are rising.

Many people write off those experiencing homelessness as being lazy, and they speak ill of those struggling with addiction. In reality, however, these people could be anyone. They could be your grandmother. They could be your neighbor who lost his job. They could be the wounded veteran who was let down after serving her country.

Even though kind citizens across the nation spend their time and money helping them, the system often works against homeless people. After all, keeping morale up is hard when employers don’t want to interview them and passersby stigmatize their circumstances. That’s why the Dallas Street Choir is so important to homeless Texans.

By raising their voices, they uplift their community and stand in solidarity together.

(via Shareably)

Even though homelessness affects thousands, it is an isolating experience. Through the power of music, these people can join hands with others who share their struggles. To learn more about the Dallas Street Choir, visit their website. You can also donate to their cause here!

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Toddler Moved To Tears By His Sister’s Performance Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Music can evoke emotions that we don’t even know we are holding back.

That’s why music therapy is necessary and effective for so many people. Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” certainly had an unexpected effect on two-year-old Tyler Noftz, who heard it for the first time while at his older sister’s piano recital. He listens to the music while sitting on his father Josh’s lap…then, something starts to happen — he cries. But these aren’t sad tears at all!

Tyler is so adorably moved by the beautiful composition!

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Musicians everywhere are now urging Tyler’s parents to get him a musical instrument. If he is so deeply affected by music now, he just might grow up to make beautiful compositions, too.

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Wedding Singers Are Cool And All, But Little Performers Like This Are Even Better

Brides and grooms always want guests to take special memories away from their ceremonies.

After agonizing over centerpieces, flowers, seating charts, dresses, food, and decor for months, happy couples everywhere hope that their weddings leave lasting impressions. One particularly important piece of the matrimonial puzzle is the music. Some people go with DJs, and others do things the old-fashioned way by hiring bands. While those choices are always entertaining, performers with a flair for getting preciously personal tend to stand out.

And this little girl named Emma is a wedding singer of the most adorable variety. The bride and groom had no idea what to expect when their little friend grabbed the microphone, but when she started singing, everyone in the room practically melted.

Emma’s rendition of “Love Is an Open Door” will go down in wedding history as one of the cutest acts ever.

These are the wedding moments that people talk about for weeks. It’s pretty obvious that she stole the show at this ceremony, and based on the bride’s reaction, she didn’t mind one bit.

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