Travelers In Dublin Airport Were Stunned When The Terminal Was Totally Taken Over

When an incredible flash mob swarmed a terminal at the Dublin Airport one day with 60 of the world’s leading Irish step dancers, every traveler was speechless. Talented folks representing 11 countries, the members of Take The Floor performed a traditional dance to the music of Beoga.

Even the most frustrated travelers were blown away!

Sure, these tourists might have been dreading their middle seats on impending eight-hour flights, but at least this performance created a beautiful distraction!

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By Buying A Used Record, This Person Became Part Of Someone Else’s Incredible Story

The beauty of browsing through vintage stores is that every single item has its own history.

Unlike new clothing, furniture, and trinkets, vintage pieces live entire lives before they cross paths with us. After all, who knows how far those shoes travelled, or how many memories were made around that old dining room table?

And any music lover will tell you that vintage records are among the most sought-after items. Just ask Redditor Muctur.

After purchasing a Soundgarden LP, the lucky collector came across something odd in the sleeve.

The little note that was folded up inside contained the story of this record’s past life.

While material goods aren’t nearly as important as the memories that are attached to them, it’s sometimes nice to take care of something that once held a special place in another person’s heart.

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What These Babies Do When They Hear Their Mother’s Voice Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Everyone with kids knows that children first learn who their parents are by the sound of their voice. It should be no wonder, then, that when a parent starts singing and changing their voice, their child is likely to notice…and perk up! Usually parents sing to help soothe their children and put them to sleep.

But for this mama, singing an upbeat tune and dancing around is just the right mix to produce the most adorable laughter in the world from her two little ones.

Just TRY not to smile — we dare you!

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Watch what happens when their mom starts singing… so cute!LIKE —–>>>> DeLorean

Posted by DeLorean on Friday, April 3, 2015

Didn’t we tell you, pure smiles? Something tells us these kids are going to like having such a musical mother.

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What Does It Look Like After A Terrorist Attack For Locals? A Lot Like This

Since late last week, when the first news of terror attacks in Beirut, Baghdad, and Paris surfaced, we’ve been glued to our televisions, refreshing websites in search of more information.

But what’s it like for those who live in these cities? Wandering the streets, mourning their fellow countrymen.

For one woman who lives in Paris’ 10th and 11th arrondissements, it was a sobering experience to venture out the day after more than 100 people were killed just blocks from her home. Here’s what she shared with us:

“I live on boulevard Beaumarchais which was used to create a field hospital for the people who were lucky enough to make it out of the Bataclan last night.”

Jemma Lohr McPherson

“The Bataclan is just a couple blocks from here. Another ten minutes and you’re at the square of Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi where two restaurants and a laundromat were sprayed with bullets.”

Jemma Lohr McPherson

“Two minutes from there and you’re at Le Petit Cambodge and Le Carillon. Apart from the attack at the Stade de France, these attacks were focused on a small neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Charlie Hebdo offices.”

Jemma Lohr McPherson

“These places would have been packed with people last night. At Petit Cambodge, it’s all glass, with nowhere to hide.”

Jemma Lohr McPherson

“They made terrific food.”

Jemma Lohr McPherson

“[At] the Bataclan […] flowers and candles were mixed in with latex gloves and medical supplies. A pair of shoes was left in the middle of the street. There were tons of reporters but you thankfully cannot get close to the theater, where work is clearly ongoing. I’m not sure how you do that work.”

Jemma Lohr McPherson

“From there I went to the restaurants.”

According to one Redditor, this is the massive shield that the French police used to enter the Bataclan.

Jemma Lohr McPherson

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“The area had been cleaned but bullet holes were evident everywhere. Crowds were growing as the sun set. When I was there, the crowd was absolutely silent.”

Jemma Lohr McPherson

Jemma Lohr McPherson

Jemma Lohr McPherson

“But this is not Paris.”

Jemma Lohr McPherson

“Paris is about liberty and champagne and music and togetherness.”

McPherson went on to say: “These are things that were apparently beyond the understanding of the terrorists. I’ll leave speculation about motives to the experts and just quote a wise woman: Paris is always a good idea. Be with the people you love. Resist extremism. Take care of yourself and the ones around you.”

Let’s all take a moment to remember those we’ve lost…

But also hold those you love tight, call someone you care about, live life a little more brightly for those who cannot any longer.

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