Boy Can’t Stop Laughing During Music Class. Once You See This, You’ll Laugh Too!

There is nothing like a child’s laughter to bring happiness to the world.

Sometimes even the most random and inane things can make children roll on the floor with laughter. In this hysterical little boy’s case, he just couldn’t keep it together during music class when his teacher started strumming on a guitar.

At one point, his fit of laughter becomes so strong that he can’t sit upright, falling to the floor with joy. It’s a moment so adorable you just have to see it for yourself!

Life goals: Be more like this little boy.

I just love how he keeps looking at his friend like, “Are you seeing this? This is hilarious right?!”

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Little Girl Who Lost Her Limbs To Meningitis Smiles Again Thanks To A Special Doll

Harmonie-Rose Allen lost her arms and legs just 10 days after learning to walk. Now, she’s smiling again, thanks to finding a friend just like her.

The two-year-old was recently gifted a very special American Girl doll named Rebecca. What makes Rebecca so special is that the doll looks just like the toddler. They’re both missing their arms and legs.

When Harmonie was just 11-months-old, she was ravaged by meningitis. The infection caused her body to shut down and she couldn’t breathe. After developing a terrible rash, and with only a 10 percent chance of survival, doctors performed a quadruple amputation on the toddler. Despite her disabilities, Harmonie is learning to play music and draw.

Today, she’s all smiles, thanks to becoming a new proud doll mom.

Brave Harmonie can teach us all a lesson. She is so full of joy and despite her disabilities, she has the will and determination to overcome them, wanting to live a happy and full life.

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This Baby Girl Does The Funniest Thing When Her Song Comes On

You know how you lose your mind when your jam comes on in the car? Well, baby Evy knows that feeling all too well. The tiny tot might only be a year old, but she knows exactly what to do when she hears her favorite song. Just look at her go!

How cute was that? The only issue I have with this video is that it’s too short! Rock on, Evy. You already have impeccable taste in music.

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22 Examples Of How Children Are Really Just Tiny, Drunk Adults

Our parents are always quick to remind of us of every embarrassing thing we did as kids. Home movies are always ripe with mortifying material that’s great when it comes to scaring our crushes away forever. As bad as that is, though, at least our parents didn’t capture every horrible moment on their iPhones back then.

With the help of their smartphones, these parents caught their hilarious little ones in the act. Kids seriously are just drunk adults in tiny bodies.

1. Dancing in public is always a good thing, right?

2. Kids have no regard for consequences.

3. They also don’t understand how music works.

4. Definitely not time to get your license, kid.

5. Old MacDonald would not call those chickens…

6. The carpet does not need to be watered.

7. Everyone loves Queen Bey.

8. You’ll laugh at basically anything, right?

9. Jealousy doesn’t suit you.

10. No knowledge of lyrics? No problem!

11. Slay!

12. Revenge will come when you least expect it.

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13. Where do babies come from?

14. Shame is not in her vocabulary.

15. I guess we need a refresher course on how food works…

16. Did she really just say that?

17. The coordination isn’t there yet.

18. This seemed like a good idea for a second.

19. Fumble!

20. Let’s work on that whole “standing up” thing again, shall we?

21. Someone certainly has a case of the Mondays.

22. The three people you meet at the bar.

(via BuzzFeed)

There you have it, kids! Video proof that your parents will be able to embarrass you in front of your future dates forever. But it’s not all bad. If you have kids, you’ll get to do the same thing to them one day!

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