Check Out These Hilarious 27 Summer Fails. OUCH.

Summer begins full of hope and possibility. Maybe you’ll find a new romance, maybe you’ll read all the books you’ve been putting off, or maybe you’ll finally fit into that bikini you’ve had sitting in your dresser for years. Or maybe you won’t do any of those things, but you’ll still be way better off than these poor suckers swimming in a summer full of fail. Grab the big bottle of aloe vera and take a look.

1. This badly burned romance.

2. This guy who raged a little too hard.

3. This apparent fireworks novice.

4. This victim of fireworks hubris.

5. This guy who just wanted to go for a nice jog.

6. This guy who overshot the landing.

7. This guy who goes with the flow.

8. The guy trying to take a nap at a music festival.

9. This guy with neapolitan tan lines.

10. This enemy to birds who got his instant karma.

11. This guy who’s trying to have the best of both worlds.

12. These wheelie bros.

13. Whoever has to use this as their A/C.

Falling asleep outside can definitely be a bad idea.  Click next page below to see why.

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You have just entered the Twilight Zone…*cue music*

You Will Never Be As Passionate About Anything As This Keyboard Player Is

What are you most passionate about? Personally, I go crazy for pizza.

But never will I ever love a good slice of pepperoni as much as 17-year-old keyboardist Anna Eberhart loves to play music.

When you see how the teen approaches a recent performance with the Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps, you’ll understand. Sure, she hits all the right notes, but it’s what she does with her body…and more noticeably, her face, that sets Eberhart apart from the other band members.

So. Intense.

She must have learned from this guy. Either way, you keep doing you, Eberhart!

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Speed Eating Champion Kobayashi Takes On A Hamster In A Cute Competition.

Japanese competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi has destroyed heaping amounts of food over the years in numerous competitions. For example, he once ate 110 hot dogs in 10 minutes and smashed a world record when he ate 97 slider-sized hamburgers in 94 seconds. Now that’s impressive!

But we think he might have finally met his match. This tiny hamster challenged Kobayashi’s eating talents to a “hot dog” eating competition.

The video below shows the pair going head to head, starting of course with intense, hot-dog-eating-competition-worthy music and a couple tight shots of Kobayashi and the tiny hamster preparing for battle. Get ready for some intense action!

(Source: HelloDenizen)

To be fair to Kobayashi though, that hamster was clearly cheating by not swallowing.

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