21 Reasons You Should Honestly Be Wearing A Jumpsuit Right Now

Jump on it.

Hi guys. Can we take a quick sec and talk about jumpsuits?

Because they are the absolute best.

1. First of all, jumpsuits won’t hold you back when you NEED to dance.

Make no mistake: The rhythm is going to get you. And you cannot allow yourself to be held back by the need to adjust your pants or shirt.

2. They allow you to thwart thirsty randos with minimal effort.

Get your hand away from me if you want to keep it.

3. In fact, jumpsuits are the preferred outfits of flawless humans.


Selena approves.

4. They make riding your little motorized scooter thing a breeze.

No pants, no buttcrack, no problem. ~scoot scoot~

5. Jumpsuits make exercising a joy.

Nothing is gonna get in the way of you and your friends workin’ hard on your pecs and your glutes.

6. And jumpsuits can be surprisingly versatile, offering you the look of a Laura Ashley-loving first-grade teacher circa 1997 and the feel of heaven.

Do respect jumpsuits’ ability to multitask.

7. Jumpsuits can look very modern. / Via Ralph Lauren U.S.

Sleek af.

8. Or fabulously retro.


The ’70s were the absolute height of fashion, and I am willing and prepared to fight you if you disagree, because you would be wrong.

9. Jumpsuits can be whimsical.


10. Or totally glam.

I believe in a thing called jumpsuits.

11. You wanna dance on Mars? Betta wear a jumpsuit.

What else would you wear to do that? I am honestly asking you.

12. Honestly, jumpsuits are the only thing that make sense when you want to look like a superstar.

Good enough for the King; good enough for you.

13. Just slip one on and you’ll feel like you’re starring in your own music video.

I can’t stand the rain NOR people who don’t understand jumpsuits.

14. The trick to wearing a jumpsuit is to really, really own it. It’s a sign of strength and confidence.


Every leopard spot on that jumpsuit signifies a person she’s demolished for wearing the same outfit.

15. Jumpsuits are the only outfit that makes sense when you want to look stylish WHILST kicking ass.

Golden Harvest / Concord Production Inc.

Bruce Lee knew this well.

16. Jumpsuits are your way of telling the world, “Yes, I know I look good.”

Gramercy Pictures

Do as the Dude.

17. They look good on dudes.


18. They look good on dudettes.



19. They look stunning on little fighting babies.


20. There is no occasion where a jumpsuit isn’t appropriate.


21. Whatever style you choose, when you’re in a jumpsuit, you’re dressed to impress.

All eyes on you, boo.

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23 Times Zendaya Slayed The Red Carpet

Shut. It. Down.

1. When she a turned a turtleneck into evening wear.

Jemal Countess / Via Getty Images

See also: a skirt that’s to die for and a killer pair of blue heels.

2. When she decided that a baseball cap is the perfect accessory to an already bomb outfit.

Earl Gibson III / Via Getty Images

And those braids? WERK.

3. When she looked like a vision in white.

Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

Diddy would NEVER turn her away from one of his all-white parties.

4. When she made hot pink look high fashion.

Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

Head to toe, fly AF.

5. When she knew she could pull off a mini-dress and thigh-high boots.

Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

Those are her ass-kicking boots.

6. When she out-Rihanna’d Rihanna.*

Maury Phillips / Via Getty Images

*Sorry not sorry.

7. When she knew a T-shirt could be just as chic as a dress.

Michael Buckner / Via Getty Images

And thank you for bringing back hoops, bb.

8. When frankly everything about this made you drop to your knees.

Rich Polk / Via Getty Images

Head. To. Toe. Perfection.

9. When she decided to edge up a ladylike outfit with a fierce AF hairdo.

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

Those bangs tho.

10. When she threw a leather jacket over a glamorous top and skirt combo and said, “Whatevs.”

Larry Busacca / Via Getty Images

You work that S curl, gurl.

11. When she brought us all back to Studio 54 in style.

Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

Stop: a trench-and-pants combination. Dy-ing.

12. When she looked absolutely angelic in this flowy white dress.

Michael Buckner / Via Getty Images

But you know, still with that Zendaya edge.

13. When she proved long hair isn’t the only way to be beautiful.

Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

Bonus points for that brown heel — DAYUM.

14. When she worked a sheer jumpsuit like a pro.

Jacopo Raule / Via Getty Images

Slaying it with that side-eye.

15. When she looked like a disco queen, gracing us with her presence.

Frederick M. Brown / Via Getty Images

Sunglasses on the red carpet — NO SHAME.

16. When she rolled up to the Grammys in a fashion risk that paid off BIG TIME.

Robyn Beck / Via Getty Images

Sheer top. Polka dot skirt. How did she do this? Oh right, she’s Zendaya.

17. When her face said, “Yes, I know how to pull together an outfit of infinite perfection.”

Cindy Ord / Via Getty Images

Patterned button-up, jacket that matches perfectly with some shorts. Her style knows no limits.

18. When she looked like a style icon of the future in a crop top and matching skirt.

Larry Busacca / Via Getty Images

Red bag, slaaaay.

19. When she thought, “Hell yeah I can pull off stripes.”

Jason Kempin / Via Getty Images


20. When she mastered classy and fierce at the same time.

Michael Buckner / Via Getty Images

Who knew florals could be so high fashion?

21. When she looked like she stepped right off the runway.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images


22. When she showed up to the Radio Disney Music Awards looking 100 times better than any other Disney starlet in history.

Frederick M. Brown / Via Getty Images

Just being honest.

23. And of course, when she showed up to the Oscars like the goddess she is.

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

Because really, those locs are gorgeous.

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While the singer is hoping to make a difference by sending this important message through her music, she’s still a girly-girl at heart and admits that she still “loves getting all dolled up” for special occasions but absolutely enjoys “walking around with no make-up, [her] hair dried straight from the shower, in workout clothes or pajamas.” (Source: ColbieCaillatVEVO) Share this powerful music video with your friends below.

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