How To Justify Your Extravagant Purchases Using Simple Math. Time To Shop!

We are all consumers and we all would like to live a bit more extravagantly. The problem is that the cost of some of those grandiose purchases will leave a big dent in our bank accounts. If you think they’re not in your budget, I have good news! Those lavish purchases are totally in your budget if you think about it this way.

If you save up enough cents per day, you can basically buy anything you want. … sort of. 

1.) Spotify Premium – $9.99/month

OR 33 cents a day for the month!

2.) Fender Guitar – $500

OR $1.37 a day for a year!

3.) HBO Go – $18.99/month

OR 3 cents an hour for the month!

4.) Jordans – $450

OR a penny a minute for a month!

5.) Amazon Prime – $99/year

OR 1 penny an hour for the year!

6.) MacBook Pro – $1,100

OR 13 cents an hour for a year!

7.) 60″ TV – $1,000

OR $1.37 an hour for a month!

8.) ESPN Insider – $3.33/month

OR .000076 cents a minute for a month!

9.) Mini Dachshung puppy – $800

OR $26.67 a day for a month!

10.) WWE Network – $9.99/month

OR just a little over a penny an hour for a month!

11.) Harley Davidson Motorcycle – $9,000

OR $1.03 an hour for a year!

12.) Netflix – $8.99/month

OR $.01 an hour for a month!

13.) Red Bottom Heels – $700

OR $4.17 an hour for a week!

14.) BMW Convertible – $55,000

OR $6.27 an hour for one year!

You probably didn’t need to be more convince to spend your next pay check… but you’re welcome. 

Living a lavish lifestyle is possible if you’re able to save up enough pennies every day (although, because of taxes, you may need to save up a few nickels instead). Saving up for what you want is easier than you think! Share these genius breakdowns with others by clicking on the link below.

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