What This Guy Does Will Make You Look Twice. It’s Not Like Anything I’ve Ever Seen.

Paris based artist Sébastien Del Grosso is pushing the boundaries of self-portraits. Del Grosso began his career as a sketch artist. Until of course he discovered a love for photography and sought to combine the two. The result is an amazing mixed media self-portrait series called “The Sketch of a Life.” They remind me of the iconic “Take On Me” music video from A-ha. Check them out below:  

“Killer Sketch”

“Self sketch”

“Sketch the life”

“The power of the sketch II”

“Anonymous Sketch”

“Catch and sketch”

“Sketch your mentor” The woman here is Del Grosso’s grandmother.

“The power of the sketch”

“Sketch your (x) dreams”

“Sketch the sketcher”

“Sketch the love”

Del Grosso’s showing how he creates his portraits.

H/T: The Spidees Now I know who I’m hiring to do my next family portraits. Share these amazing photos with your friends by clicking below.

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These 29 Business Cards Are So Brilliant You Can’t Help But Keep Them. But #17, That’s Just Wrong. LOL.

How many business cards have you kept and remembered after meeting someone new? A few? One? None? More than likely, you have thrown away or stored most of the business cards you were handed without giving them more thought. It would impossible to do that with these 29 business cards. They are all so delightfully creative and memorable, it’s hard to imagine them anywhere but lying on your desk or tacked to a bulletin board.

1.) A business card that’s also a cheese grater

2.) Mini plungers, complete with the plumber’s contact information.

3.) LEGO agents for a business

4.) These unique wine Sommelière cards

5.) A mini yoga mat card for a yoga studio

6.) A landscaping business card that’s an investment in their own future

7.) An empty picture frame business card

8.) A yoga trainer’s business card that encourages you to stretch

9.) This adorable seed packet business card

10.) A stylish transparent business card

11.) A business card… made out of makeup

12.) A dentist’s cavity card

13.) Adorable toy chair business card

14.) Grillable (but not edible) business card

15.) A bike repair shop’s highly useful business card

16.) A hairstylist’s card that you can style yourself

17.) A business card for circumcisions

18.) This card that doubles as a small music box

19.) A transformable cargo box card

20.) A dried meat, edible card… for a survival training

21.) A tennis card (that gives table tennis a new meaning)

22.) An even photographer’s viewfinder card

23.) Salt, a restaurant, has a saltshaker card

24.) A business card that will roll up into a kind of “filter”

25.) A cool, tearable business card for a personal trainer

26.) This card for another personal trainer stretches like a resistance band

27.) This yoga center’s bendy straw

28.) A finance firm’s trendy (or trending) card

29.) A divorce lawyer’s tearable business card

(H/T Bored Panda) Try forgetting about the business that made you grill their business card, or the yoga studio who gave you a mini yoga mat as their card. These are brilliant marketing tactics… plus, they are super cool. These cards are genius. Share them with others!

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This Lamp Creates A Thunderstorm In Your Living Room. And It’s Really, Really Cool.

They say every dark cloud has a silver lining and these lamps will light your room up with proof. The imitation clouds produce the effect of a thunderstorm without having to actually deal with the crummy weather. Called simply “The Cloud” by its creators over at the Richard Clarkson Studio, the interactive lamp and speaker system recreate the sounds and sights of a thundercloud while you stay dry. Using motion detectors, the cloud detects your presence and creates a special light show based on your movement. You can also sync the speakers with Bluetooth to enjoy some tunes while you watch.

The Cloud features alternate nightlight and music reactive modes.

It is created using felted hypoallergenic fiberfill formed into a sponge casing.

That casing works as the frame for the speaker inside and is controlled by wireless remote.

On another level, the creators see this as an effort to assist in the development of the design industries.

The code behind the Cloud is open to the public to use and even improve upon.

You can purchase one for yourself on the Richard Clarkson website…if you have a spare $3,360 laying around!

Non-interactive lamps are a bit cheaper: $960.

A bit pricey, but the soothing vibe it creates just might be worth it.

H/T: Bored Panda. The designers hope to help provide a blueprint for the next generation of smart objects. Check out a video of the lamp in action below! Looks like it’s time for me to finally start a savings account so I can nab me one of these bad boys. Impressed? Share with your friends below!

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What This Guy Created With His Old Cassette Tapes Truly Is Amazing. Just Wow.

Erika Iris Simmons is an amazingly talented artist who has found a way to give a relic of old media like the cassette tape a second life in her work. Using the magnetic tape she unspools from the cassette, she crafts wonderful portraits of some of the most famous names in all of music. Despite having such little to work with, Simmons is able to add depth and detail to her portraits that would prove to be impressive even if she were using more traditional art supplies. Check them out!

1.) Jimi Hendrix

2.) Lauryn Hill

3.) Jerry Garcia

4.) Bob Marley

5.) Jon Bon Jovi

6.) Van Morrison

7.) The Clash

8.) Tom Waits

9.) Janis Joplin

10.) Bob Dylan

11.) Robert Smith

12.) Nick Cave

13.) Michael Jackson

14.) Lenny Kravitz

15.) Simmons used a VHS tape to make this portait of The Dude from The Big Lebowski. He, of course, abides.

Source: (H/T Noupe) Amazing! These portraits really blow those Green Day CDs I glued googly eyes onto out of the water. Share the cassette tape art using the button below.

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