By Buying A Used Record, This Person Became Part Of Someone Else’s Incredible Story

The beauty of browsing through vintage stores is that every single item has its own history.

Unlike new clothing, furniture, and trinkets, vintage pieces live entire lives before they cross paths with us. After all, who knows how far those shoes travelled, or how many memories were made around that old dining room table?

And any music lover will tell you that vintage records are among the most sought-after items. Just ask Redditor Muctur.

After purchasing a Soundgarden LP, the lucky collector came across something odd in the sleeve.

The little note that was folded up inside contained the story of this record’s past life.

While material goods aren’t nearly as important as the memories that are attached to them, it’s sometimes nice to take care of something that once held a special place in another person’s heart.

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Lots of Options

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Remove Duplicate Songs

Removing duplicated tracks from your music library not only saves space, but makes it easier to organize and enjoy your music. Rinse uses an intelligent matching technology to find songs that are duplicates – even if they have different spellings or information. You can choose how Rinse finds duplicates (by ignoring albums, for example) as well as what to do with duplicates once they are found – you can flag them for review or have them deleted immediately.

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