‘What a load of crap’: Everytown taps celebs to ‘end gun violence’ [video]

Dreeeeeeeeam the impossible dreeeeeeeeeeeeam:

Whoa. You know, we were on the fence about senseless violence, but now we know it’s wrong. Thanks, Jennifer! Thanks, Kevin! Thank you all.

Well, if nothing else, those actors have demonstrated a remarkable ability to recite lines. Good for them! Of course, that video is basically nothing more than a hashtag campaign set to music. Notably absent were any actual ideas as to how to, you know, “end gun violence.”

Wonder why that is. Could it be because our Second Amendment-shaming betters don’t actually know what they’re talking about?

“Hypocrites” is right.

And let’s not forget about her:


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These 11 Celebrities Went From Rags To Riches In Real Success Stories.

Looking for some inspiration to turn your life around, and finally start making some progress on your dreams? Well look no further, we’ve got it. Contrary to popular belief, not all celebrities were born into money and fame. A lot of them had to earn their stripes the hard way, and overcome rough childhoods. It’s been said that it takes nearly 10,000 hours of practice to master any craft. These celebrities definitely put the work in. Remember people: If never try to make your dreams happen, then they’ll never happen for you.

1.) Celine Dion

Growing up, Celine Dion had a hard life. Before she was a Grammy award winning singer, Dion grew up as one of 14 children in her French-Canadian Family. Her parents both struggled to provide for the family when she was young. She’s come a long way since then. Dion is now a five time Grammy winner with an estimated net worth of $400 million. Not bad.

2.) Jim Carrey

The lovable, amazing Jim Carry grew up dirt poor. During his childhood, the whole family lived out of VW camper parked right outside the factory where his parents worked. Before getting his big break Carry jumped around from low-paying job to low-paying job. He even struggled with homelessness for a time.

3.) Leonardo DiCaprio

When Leonardo DiCaprio moved out to Hollywood to pursue his dreams, the city did not necessarily embrace him. Before his big break he fell in poverty with some shady characters and even criminals. It seems like it was worth it for Leo though, his net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

4.) Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg grew up in tough South Boston. After he dropped out of school at age 14, teenage Wahlberg pursued a life of petty crime and drugs. He got a big wake up call after serving time for assault, and decided to turn his life around. By all accounts he’s been pretty successful at this with an estimated net worth of $165 million.

5.) JK Rowling

Before becoming the international best selling author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling was a struggling single mother. Life was tough for her living off of government welfare, but she stuck to it and even managed to find the time to write. The result? She’s estimated to have a net worth of $1 billion. JK Rowling is literally the definition of a rags to riches story.

6.) Oprah Winfrey

With a current net worth estimated to be $2.7 billion, Oprah is in her own category of success. She grew up in poverty on a small farm in Mississippi living with her grandmother and single mother. Oprah was also sexually assaulted by a relative when she was 9 years old. Despite the hardships of her situation she persevered and went on to become the modern day media mogul and celebrity.

7.) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before he was the Governator and action movie superstar, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a poor immigrant from Austria. He begged and borrowed to get enough money to start his first business Pumping Bricks, which he used to finance his body building career. …and we all know how that turned out for him.

8.) Jay-Z

The rapper-turned-diversified-entrepreneur began life in the Marcy Housing Project in Brooklyn. As a teen, Jay-Z got involved in crime, but turned it around to become one of the richest, most successful celebrities in the world.

9.) Sean “Diddy” Combs

If you’re not directly familiar with Sean Combs, you definitely know his reputation. This man is a true music mogul, but he didn’t start out that way. He had a tough childhood growing up in the projects in Harlem. Combs’ father was killed in a drug related shooting. Instead of letting all that get him down, Combs persevered and now owns his own successful record label.

10.) Halle Berry

Halle Berry was raised by a single mother in Cleveland, Ohio, and like many others on this list, had a hard life. Before getting her big break, she spent time in and out of homeless shelters in New York City.

11.) Tom Cruise

The “Top Gun” star didn’t have an easy start in life as the son of an abusive father living in upstate New York. Nowadays Tom Cruise and his movies are household names. Not only that, but he has a net worth of around $270 million. H/T: Elite Daily Well, I’m inspired. Let’s go start making our dreams come true. But before you do, make sure to share this post on Facebook by clicking below.

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A Never Before Heard Video Featuring Britney Spears Just Leaked Online. And It’s Horrific.

Auto tune is a subtle thing that can vastly improve the quality of a song, and everyone uses it. If you think your favorite singers aren’t recording with auto tune, you’re dead wrong. Talented singers usually only need a little bit of auto tuning to perfect their songs. Others…well let’s just say that they wouldn’t have a career if it was just their natural singing ability. The downside of needing to rely on auto tune is that these singers probably live in mortal fear of someone getting a hold of the “natural” versions of their songs. That’s exactly what happened to pop music powerhouse Britney Spears. On July 2 a leaked version of  her 2013 song “Alien” surfaced online. It looks like Spears may not be the singer we all thought she was. Without auto tune she sounds god awful. The track’s producer says that the leaked version is just a vocal warm up. Here’s a comparison to the album version of the track. What do you think?

Our reaction exactly

Wow, my ears hurt now. Yours too? Sooth them with these 10 things that we’ve scientifically proven are more pleasant to hear than the un-auto tuned Britney Spears. 1.) Dial Up Internet

2.) A Dentist’s Drill

3.) The Sound Of Jackhammers

4.) Squeaky Chalk On A Blackboard

5.) Cats Meowing

6.) Arnold Schwarzenegger Screaming

7.) Vuvuzelas

8.) The Wilhelm Scream

9.) This Girl’s Laugh

10.) The Original Most Annoying Sound In the World

Basically, auto tune is magical and Britney Spears needs some singing lessons. Encourage an appreciation for auto tune by clicking below to share this story.

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Take An Alphabet And Make It Better: Learn The ABC’s Of The Beatles.

Discovering the Beatles and their impact on our musical world is an important step in everyone’s life. Probably as important as learning your A-B-C’s. Okay, fine, maybe they aren’t quite that fundamental, but the classic rock icons are definitely up there. And fans of the Fab Four will get a kick out of this Tumblr user’s ode to the mop-topped melody makers which coordinates each letter of the alphabet to an import piece of the Beatles’ legendary history.

Also a good way to teach your kids the alphabet and the importance of knowing whether the walrus was Paul or John at the same time! Use the link below and be a little help to your friends!

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