This Sculpture Changes Before Your Eyes. You Need To See It To Believe It.

Artist Thomas Medicus did not just want to create one painting. Instead, the Austrian artist created something between a painting and a sculpture that changes depending on how it’s viewed. 

Emulsifier is composed of 160 glass strips, and each strip is painted on all four sides with pieces of different images. Depending on what side of the four-sides sculpture you’re standing on, you’ll see one of four images. A fish and a stork make up two, and the stork’s and fish’s interior views make up the other two. 

Stork exterior

Stork interior

Fish exterior

Fish interior

Viewed from the top, Emulsifier appears to be a series of narrow glass panes with scattered fragments of paint.

 Besides painting on glass to blow our minds, Medicus also works as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator, as well as a musician. 

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What This Guy Created With His Old Cassette Tapes Truly Is Amazing. Just Wow.

Erika Iris Simmons is an amazingly talented artist who has found a way to give a relic of old media like the cassette tape a second life in her work. Using the magnetic tape she unspools from the cassette, she crafts wonderful portraits of some of the most famous names in all of music. Despite having such little to work with, Simmons is able to add depth and detail to her portraits that would prove to be impressive even if she were using more traditional art supplies. Check them out!

1.) Jimi Hendrix

2.) Lauryn Hill

3.) Jerry Garcia

4.) Bob Marley

5.) Jon Bon Jovi

6.) Van Morrison

7.) The Clash

8.) Tom Waits

9.) Janis Joplin

10.) Bob Dylan

11.) Robert Smith

12.) Nick Cave

13.) Michael Jackson

14.) Lenny Kravitz

15.) Simmons used a VHS tape to make this portait of The Dude from The Big Lebowski. He, of course, abides.

Source: (H/T Noupe) Amazing! These portraits really blow those Green Day CDs I glued googly eyes onto out of the water. Share the cassette tape art using the button below.

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