Thousands Of People Walked Into A Building And Started Singing…So Amazing!

With all of the rising hatred around the world right now, it feels impossible to relate to other people.

If the comments sections on social media posts are any indication of how people really feel about each other, then it seems like we are doomed to experience fewer and fewer meaningful human connections until we separate ourselves completely.

But as the people of Choir! Choir! Choir! demonstrate, sometimes the only thing you need to connect with other people is a common interest, like singing your heart out in unison.

In 2011, Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman started the choir as a weekly get-together in Ontario, Canada, for people to sing pop music and enjoy each other’s company.

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But they never anticipated that the number of members would reach into the thousands.

They came into the spotlight very quickly, going on to perform at several live events with musicians like Patti Smith and Tegan and Sara.

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Now the choir meets twice a week at a tavern in downtown Toronto, beginning each session by handing out lyric sheets to everyone and mastering a song by the end of the night.

The best part is that they record all of their sessions for your viewing (and listening) pleasure. Trust me, you’re gonna want to experience their music for yourself.

The diversity of their many voices shows that amazing things can happen when different people work together.

And their latest performance in the Luminato Festival at the Hearn Generating Station in Toronto with 1,500 of them singing “Hallelujah” is nothing short of epic.

If you’re dying to hear more and want to follow all of their awe-inspiring performances, you can find them on their Facebook and YouTube pages. If you’re in the Toronto area, you can even join them!

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They Were Standing Perfectly Still, But Once They Started Moving? My Jaw Dropped

Competing at the World Synchronized Skating Championships earlier this year, Team Canada stepped onto the ice with something to prove. They wanted to be the best and weren’t going to let anyone get in their way. Because after all the practice, hard work, and dedication, they knew they wanted it more than their peers.

That’s why when the music started, and their performance began, you could tell something special was about to happen…

It must be incredibly difficult to work so seamlessly with so many people — and on ice, nonetheless! But, as you can see, when it’s pulled off correctly, the result is simply stunning.

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An Actual Owl Café Is Coming To London In March

It’ll be a hoot.


Following concern from some animal welfare groups regarding the provision of alcohol, the café released a statement explaining that the event will now be alcohol-free:

The organisers are working with the Westminster Council and the U.K. government’s Animal Health Inspector – Markets and Consumer Protection at the Animal Health and Welfare division to make sure that the event has addressed everything to ensure the birds’ welfare. Their welfare is top priority and the removal of “alcoholic cocktails” is aimed to remove any possible cause of danger. We want to create a unique event whose ultimate objective is to create awareness for the owl conservation.

All attendees will be briefed at arrival on how to behave during the event. They will also be briefed that owls should not be considered as pets and the event itself is to raise donation for the species’ conservation.

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2. There are owl cafés in Japan and they are amazing.

3. And now there’s one coming to London.

4. Annie the Owl is a pop-up cocktail bar, with OWLS.

The organizers tell BuzzFeed Life in an email:

“We are a bunch of people who run events and pop ups. We thought it was a good idea to bring this concept to London and also help the conservation of owls in the UK. For this we are working with Locappy (a start-up – their mascot is an owl and they are passionate about it, hence they are helping us out) and The Barn Owl Centre.”

5. The bar will be open for one week in March, from the 19th to the 25th.

On their Facebook page, the organisers explain that “Owls like the nights! They are nocturnal, hence Annie the Owl is not a café but a bar.”

6. The owls are professionals, the organisers tell BuzzFeed Life.

“There will be a minimum of five owls. All owls featured on the site (above) will be present at the venue/event. We would like to add that all owls are trained to be around public and they will be accompanied by professional falconers.”

7. Tickets cost £20 per person, and include two drinks.

Each session lasts two hours, and there will be 100–120 places per day.

The profits from ticket sales will be donated to The Barn Owl Centre, a charity which helps conservation of wildlife and birds in the UK.

8. Want to go? Apply for a ticket here.

To find out more, find Annie the Owl on Facebook and Twitter.


The organisers have released a statement to reassure those concerned about the owls’ welfare:

The event which runs for seven days, is a sit down event, where all members of public will be seated during all times at the venue. The organisers have also made sure the noise and background music will be kept to minimal and an owl will only have around 10-12 members of public around him/her at a given time. … The organisers have also made sure that people attending the event wouldn’t be allowed to touch the animals, if not felt appropriate by the professional falconers who accompany them.

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