23 Easy Ways To Keep Your Toddler Busy On A Rainy Day

Unless you just want to watch Frozen again?

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Make rainbow rice.

Happy Hooligans / Via

This is an easy-to-follow tutorial from Happy Hooligans. Always good to have in the house, rainbow rice will come in handy in some of the ideas below.

2. Try a photo scavenger hunt.

Hands on as We Grow / Via

This was a winner for Jamie from Hands on as We Grow.

3. Try a colour hunt.

The Pleasantest Thing / Via

This educational and fun game from The Pleasantest Thing is guaranteed to be a winner.

4. Get messy!

Growing a Jeweled Rose / Via

Messy play is fun for toddlers. For parents, not so much. Confine the mess to the bath and everyone’s a winner. The kids from Growing a Jeweled Rose know what’s up.

5. Make play dough.

Homemade Ginger / Via

Using store cupboard ingredients, Megan at Homemade Ginger has a recipe you can whip up in minutes.

6. Build a kick-ass den.

Napping, reading, listening to music: everything is better in a den. Jen at mama.papa.bubba. built this very cute one.

7. Go pom pom colour sorting.

The Imagination Tree / Via

Teach your little one colours with a bag of pom poms and some egg cartons. Anna at The Imagination Tree has an easy tutorial.

8. Get creative with stickers.

It kept the Bumbles of Rice boys busy for aaaages.

9. Try balloon tennis.

Toddler Approved / Via

All you need are a couple of balloons, some paper plates and plastic spoons. Definitely Toddler Approved.

10. Make face magnets.

The Iowa Farmer’s Wife / Via

Upcycling is always a win. The Iowa Farmer’s Wife did it here.

11. Make an indoor obstacle course.

Gummy Lump Toys / Via

Jennifer of Plain Vanilla Mom devised a cute – and time-consuming one here.

12. Make an indoor sandpit.

An Ordinary Housewife / Via

Bonus: no actual sand required. Rena from An Ordinary Housewife made hers from flour and oil but you can also use the rainbow rice above.

13. Paint the windows.

The kids from What Do We Do All Day get a kick out of it and yours will too.

14. Give eyedropper art a go.

Sweet T Makes Three / Via

Honing those fine motor skills is your toddler’s passport to quiet time. It worked for Jenn from Sweet T Makes Three.

15. Do some apple stamping.

I Can Teach My Child / Via

Painting with brushes can get old so give the game a new twist by using apples or potatoes. Jenae from I Can Teach My Child did it here.

16. Practice some pouring.

Fantastic Fun and Learning / Via

Water play is always a hit with little ones, as Shaunna from Fantastic Fun and Learning knows. If the thought of a soggy floor is too much to bear, use dried beans or rainbow rice instead.

17. Try ice excavation.

Freeze some small toys in a dish and let them plan the rescue mission. The Chasing Cheerios kids love it. Try it on a larger scale outside in summertime.

18. Make some slime.

Fun at Home with Kids / Via

This recipe, from Fun at Home with Kids, is even edible.

19. Play dress up.

A Girl and a Glue Gun / Via

No home for little kids is complete without a dress up box. Kimbo from A Girl And a Glue Gun has the perfect storage solution for hers here.

20. Try tracing.

Learner Mama / Via

Using butcher paper or an old roll of wallpaper, lay your toddler down and trace the outline of their body. Boom! A huge figure for them to colour in. Lucy of Learner Mama did it here.

21. Design a masking tape racetrack.

Kids Activities Blog / Via

Toddlers like to think outside the box so incorporate as many surfaces as possible. Rebecca from Kids Activities Blog provides awesome inspo here.

22. Make alphabet soup.

Dirt and Boogers / Via

Sounds delicious, right? Amanda from Dirt and Boogers has some fun ingredient ideas here.

23. Sod it and go puddle jumping.

Toddlers love getting wet, as the Adventure Family in Motion knows. If you can’t beat ‘em, grab your wellies and join ‘em.

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