Lady Gaga performs song despite arrest threats in the Philippines!/LILBIGMONSTER/status/204600209030914049

If you’ve never tried this, sit down with a pencil and paper, and give yourself 20 minutes to type all the creative ways you’d think Lady Gaga could be arrested. Try it with friends. It’s swell, and makes for some good laughs.

However, getting arrested for performing a song? Well, that’s just boring.!/HoneyBeySteph/status/204610356713238529

lady gaga performed judas. omfg. will she still get arrested?

— shut up will u (@timectrl) May 21, 2012!/DavidDori/status/204592673217196032

Lady Gaga was warned before her performance today against performing “Judas,” as state censors found the song to be too controversial and blasphemous.

The City Government has warned her that not only could her second performance be banned, but she might also face being arrested.

RIP Lady Gaga (in jail). Hope you don't arrested tonight when you get off stage.

— Marco Leung (@Marco_Leung) May 21, 2012

Lady Gaga has just performed "Judas" despite threats that if she did so, she may be arrested – "I'm not a creature of your government."

— malfoy † (@kawaiikingx) May 21, 2012

Gaga fans are simply waiting for what’s next, as the future of her worldwide Born This Way tour hangs in the balance. She has an upcoming concert scheduled for June 3rd, but after threats were made to disturb the performance, she may not make it to Jakarta for the show.

Heard that Lady Gaga performed 'Judas' tonight in Manila despite threats to be arrested if she did so. Gaga Is A Bad Kid. @ladygaga

— Jandry Gomez (@superrjandory) May 21, 2012!/lipdiscostick/status/204579244481847296

But there’s a positive side to everything; think of the crazy awesome music video we’d get out of Lady Gaga being held in a foreign jail.

At least if @ladygaga does get arrested, we MIGHT get the telephone sequel we were promised.

— dykey cyrus (@hausofhelen) May 21, 2012

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