Marked by maturity

A new music platform for aspiring musicians to showcase their mettle was instituted recently by C.R. Neelakandan. And a Carnatic music competition, spread over different categories, called Manodharma

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He Put Some Rocks In A Machine To Create Something So Amazing — Wow!

Musicians jamming out on electric guitars and drum sets usually come to mind when we think about rock bands, but this guy had a much different idea when he started working on his own.

Artist Neil Mendoza has built a seriously unique machine that creates beautiful music akin to the kind that music boxes produce — but the melodies it plays are way cooler because they’re made by rocks!

Controlled by a computer, “the rock band is composed of electromechanical instruments that make music with rocks by throwing them through the air, slapping them and making them vibrate,” Mendoza said. While he does a great job of explaining how the machine works, it’s really something you need to see for yourself.

Listen to it playing The Beatles’ song “Here Comes the Sun” in the video below and just try not to be impressed.

(via Slate)

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I can’t be the only one who wants one of these babies in their living room. You can check out more of Mendoza’s interesting works here, and be sure to share this awesome device with others if you love the way it sounds!

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You’ve Seen These Paintings Before, But There’s Something Funny Going On Here

Historical paintings capture cultures much different than what we’re used to, so it’s interesting to imagine how the figures portrayed back then would interact with people of the modern age.

Self-described re-imaginer Hazal Yalım is very interested in what they call reuniting the past and present. After watching a scene from the movie “Night at the Museum,” in which a previously lifeless figure of a neanderthal comes to life and starts listening to music on an iPod, they were inspired to create strange yet hilarious scenes juxtaposing classical art with gifs of pop culture icons we know and love today.

Check out a few of our favorites and be sure to press play on each video!

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Let The Music Flow, You Must