Priority fail: USPS reportedly spending $2.2 million on San Francisco conference!/MacFarlaneNews/status/303518419641331712

It’s good to know the debt-ridden United States Postal Service is serious about saving money. To that end, it will reportedly be spending more than $2 million to send management to San Francisco for a conference. We can’t wait to hear about all the great ideas they come up with.

400 Postal Service managers to attend March conference in California. Hotel rooms near $300 a night.”Taste of San Francisco” included

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

Poised to cancel Saturday mail.. US Postal Service to spend $2.2 million to send managers to San Francisco conference.Golf, dinners listed

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

Postal Service will spend $2 million to send 400 employees to California conference in March.Golf outing on agenda…

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

Well, we have it on good authority that golf’s a excellent way to unwind and ready the brain for serious problem solving.

US Postal Service sending 400 employees to March conference.Cost = $2.2 million.Evening events promise “good music”, “taste of San Fran”

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

Conference being attended by 400 Postal Service managers includes Sunday golf outing at Harding Park in San Francisco. Golf not free though

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

4,000 to attend National Postal Forum in San Francisco. 400 are US Postal Service employees. Agency nearly insolvent will spend $2.2 million

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

Harding golf course in San Francisco reserved 3/16/13 for event includnig US Postal Service managers.Some flying in from DC

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

US Postal Service, poised to end Saturday delivery, sending 400 managers to San Francisco conference.Hotel rooms at Marriott= $274 a night

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

The USPS has done this sort of thing before:

US Postal Service spent $2.5 million to send top brass to Orlando conference in 2012.At Gaylord resort.. sources tell @macfarlanenews

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

Postal Service say every dollar it spent at Orlando resort conference in 2012 yielded $73,000 in new revenue

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

So we’ve got nothing to be concerned about, right?

US Postal Service spending $2.2 million to send top brass to March conference including “taste exploration” of San Francisco restaurants

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

Postal Service execs will be sampling food/beverages of Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, during March event in San Fran. Costs USPS $2 million

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

Hey, we can’t expect these execs to save the USPS on an empty stomach!

“Excitement & entertainment” promised at March 20 San Francisco event attended by 400 Postal Service execs. Overall: costs agency $2 million

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013

Postal Service says it expects to develop “sales leads” at San Francisco conference in March.Will cost strapped agency $2.2 million

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 18, 2013




U.S. Postal Service will default on mandatory $5.6 billion retiree health benefit payment

You’ve got mail (but not on Saturdays): USPS cutting back delivery schedule

Actor John Ratzenberger zings USPS; ‘If only the USPS had the sense to put Cliff Clavin in charge’

Hysterical libs rally to #SaveUSPS, blame everyone but union

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Mitt Romney addresses the NAACP on economy and school choice!/globeglen/status/223045423957417984

The NAACP invited both President Obama and Mitt Romney to address its annual convention in Houston this week. Obama took a pass, choosing to send Uncle Joe Biden to wow the crowd on Thursday. (Snicker.)

But this morning, Romney will address the convention about the economy and school choice during the plenary session on civic engagement.

Romney will tell NAACP: if he didn't blv his policies would help "families of color" more than Obama's, "I would not be running for pres."

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) July 11, 2012

Romney willl tell NAACP Natl Convention in Houston that "support is asked for and earned – and that’s why I’m here today."

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) July 11, 2012

Race-baiters have been freaking out since the speech was first announced last month, and the Left is busily reshuffling it’s deck of race cards in advance of the speech. So something like this isn’t at all far-fetched:

Prediction: If Romney says the NAACP's full name, the press will attack him for using the phrase "Colored People."

— jon gabriel (@exjon) July 11, 2012

A live feed of the speech is available here:

5 MINUTES –> Watch Live as Romney addresses the NAACP

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) July 11, 2012

NAACP playing "Bless the Lord" before Romney comes up to speak

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) July 11, 2012

Twitchy will monitor the speech and update as needed.

Reverend who just gave invocation at @NAACP prayed for the country and mentioned @BarackObama but not @MittRomney. #awkward #HouNAACP

— Mary Benton (@IAmMaryBenton) July 11, 2012

Let it be noted @BarackObama had a scheduling conflict so he once again ignores Black vote by not speaking to NAACP. @MittRomney speaks

— Crystal Wright (@GOPBlackChick) July 11, 2012

Convention hall about 2/3rds full for Romney. One delegate tells me that it's brave for Romney to come here adding he SHOULD come here.

— Don Gonyea NPR (@DonGonyea) July 11, 2012

Stand O when Romney is introduced. "America the Beautiful" on the organ. "I do love that music" he declares.

— Michael Markman (@Mickeleh) July 11, 2012

.@MittRomney: It's an honor to speak, and one I hadn't expected. #NAACPHOU12

— NAACP (@NAACP) July 11, 2012

Romney to NAACP crowd: The rich will do just fine whether I'm president or not.

— Adam Henry (@viewofadam) July 11, 2012

"I hope to represent all Americans." –@MittRomney #NAACPHOU12

— NAACPConnect (@NAACPConnect) July 11, 2012

Romney receiving applause from NAACP crowd!

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) July 11, 2012

Romney: You don't get elected a Rep. Governor in a state with 1% Republicans by just talking to Republicans. #NAACP

— Scoldilocks (@somethingfishie) July 11, 2012

Romney: I believe if you understood who I truly am in my heart… you would vote for me for president.

— Scoldilocks (@somethingfishie) July 11, 2012

.@MittRomney: My campaign is about helping the people who need help. The course the President will set won't do that..mine will. #naacphou12

— NAACP (@NAACP) July 11, 2012

Romney: "I hope to represent every American, of every race creed and sexual orientation." #NAACP

— gwen ifill (@gwenifill) July 11, 2012

Romney: "We might have assumed that the American presidency would be the very last door of opportunity to be opened…Many barriers remain."

— Juana Summers (@jmsummers) July 11, 2012

Romney striking right notes on school choice, opportunity at @NAACP. Should mention D.C. choice blocked by Dems, Obama.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) July 11, 2012

@MittRomney getting some applause at #naacp.

— Tom Abrahams (@tomabrahams) July 11, 2012

Romney: Median family wealth, unemployment rate, etc all worse for African Americans.#NAACPHOU12

— NAACP (@NAACP) July 11, 2012

Romney quotes F. Douglass: "It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" #NAACPHOU12

— NAACP (@NAACP) July 11, 2012

.@MittRomney: "When decades of same promises keep resulting in same failures, it's reasonable to rethink a new approach." #NAACPHOU12

— NAACP (@NAACP) July 11, 2012

Romney got big applause for vowing to defend traditional marriage.

#Romney promising to support strong families and traditional marriage. Seems he got good advice from somebody before this speech. #NAACP

— Hakeem J. Jefferson (@hakeemjefferson) July 11, 2012

But the audience turned on him when he mentioned Obamacare.

Romney just got booed by NAACP for saying he will repeal #ObamaCare

— Brent Teichman (@BrentTeichman) July 11, 2012

Sustained booing of Romney when he tells NAACP he would get rid of Obamacare

— Toby Harnden (@tobyharnden) July 11, 2012

How’d he handle the booing?

NAACP crowd breaks out in massive, collective BOOs when Romney mentions replacing Obamacare. Romney unprepared for it.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) July 11, 2012

OK, lots of you think Romney did fine in face of boos.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) July 11, 2012

Naturally the media delighted in reporting the booing.

@MittRomney booed by NAACP

— Marti Adams (@Marti_Adams) July 11, 2012

Perhaps there’s a reason Romney was invited to speak before Joe Biden?

There's a reason why #naacp let's #Romney speak first, to let Biden attack him point by point.

— Nic Lott (@niclott) July 11, 2012

More from Romney:

"I'll restore economic freedom" –@MittRomney #NAACPHOU12

— NAACPConnect (@NAACPConnect) July 11, 2012

Romney: "If you want a president who will make things better in the African American community, you are looking at him."

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) July 11, 2012

Romney hitting charter schools hard now.

— clydehughes (@clydehughes) July 11, 2012

Romney is now touting how charter schools are vital to improving education

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) July 11, 2012

Romney: In Boston, Harlem, LA, etc… charter schools are giving children a chance. They're bringing hope in places where there's been none.

— NAACP (@NAACP) July 11, 2012

Choice through charter schools…is a great benefit to inner-city children.–Romney to NAACP.

— Ken McIntyre (@KenMac55) July 11, 2012

"When it comes to education reform, candidates can't have it both ways…You can be the voice of public schools or protected interests"

— NAACPConnect (@NAACPConnect) July 11, 2012

"Federal education funds will be linked to a student so parents can send their children to any public/charter school they want." @MittRomney

— NAACPConnect (@NAACPConnect) July 11, 2012

His remarks on school choice received tepid applause.

Romney is talking education issues before NAACP convention. He's saying the right things, but getting only polite applause.

— Tim Hagle (@ProfHagle) July 11, 2012

Polite is kinda pushing it.

Romney was gracious to his hosts.

Romney: "I promise your hospitality to me will be returned." And then…an organ played. #naacp

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) July 11, 2012

Romney also spoke of his father, George Romney.

Romney thanks father for instilling faith in God. "His justice is certain, and his mercy endureth forever." #NAACPHOU12

— NAACP (@NAACP) July 11, 2012

#Romney salutes his father Governor George Romney and his legacy in civil rights. #naacp

— Nic Lott (@niclott) July 11, 2012

Romney thanks father for instilling faith in God. "His justice is certain, and his mercy endureth forever." #NAACPHOU12

— NAACP (@NAACP) July 11, 2012

His remarks were welcomed with all the class you’d expect.

Mitt now goes personal in talking about his dad's civil rights work. "That's not you!" someone shouted

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) July 11, 2012

His closing:

Romney wins NAACP applause for comments on education reform and speech wrap up: "We will know one another."

— PETER MAER (@petermaercbs) July 11, 2012

So how’d he do?

Got to give it to @MittRomney for speaking at NAACP Convention today. Showed Courage. Just my thoughts.

— Mayor Chris V. Rey (@ChrisRey4NC) July 11, 2012

A+ Good Job by #Romney and #NAACP, they were both honest, booed when needed, he spoke honestly & direct as he needed to. Classy job by both!


Thought @MittRomney did a solid job with his speech to the NAACP. And I commend him for doing the outreach. So important. Long overdue.

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) July 11, 2012

Say what you want about #Romney, but one thing is certain: he had a quality staffer help draft this speech. Good job, Mr. Romney. #NAACP

— Hakeem J. Jefferson (@hakeemjefferson) July 11, 2012

Wait, we’d better ask Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.

Rep Emanuel Cleaver gives Romney an A for speaking at the NAACP, and a C for the substance of the speech.

— S.E. Cupp (@secupp) July 11, 2012

Cleaver just said Romney should not have criticized Obama in front of black audience.

— S.E. Cupp (@secupp) July 11, 2012

Cleaver gives Romney an "F-" for vowing to repeal Obamacare at NAACP, but says he doesn't approve of the booing.

— S.E. Cupp (@secupp) July 11, 2012

How dare Romney be honest about his policy plans? The nerve!

More on Cleaver’s remarks here.

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Talking Points Memo uncovers bridge between social conservatives and ISIS!/Aaron_RS/status/511676444661911552

To be fair, the original Associated Press story is informative and quite sad:

The extremist-held Iraqi city of Mosul is set to usher in a new school year. But unlike years past, there will be no art or music. Classes about history, literature and Christianity have been “permanently annulled.”

The new Mosul curriculum, allegedly issued by [Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi himself, stresses that any reference to the republics of Iraq or Syria must be replaced with “Islamic State.” Pictures that violate its ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam will be ripped out of books. Anthems and lyrics that encourage love of country are now viewed as a show of “polytheism and blasphemy,” and are strictly banned.

The new curriculum even went so far as to explicitly ban Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution — although it was not previously taught in Iraqi schools.

A ban on teaching the theory of evolution? Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall has found his talking point.

Possible bridge to social conservatives? > ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution In Schools @TPM

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) September 16, 2014

@joshtpm @TPM Hahahaha. See, because conservatives are totally beheading infidels. Totally the same. Smart take. #Hack

— Gary Eaton (@garysteveneaton) September 16, 2014

@joshtpm @TPM this is why no one takes you seriously

— aggiedude (@dosgloves) September 16, 2014

@joshtpm I'm not even a social conservative and I find that completely humorless. @TPM

— Taylor DRMF (@EyeDesertBlog) September 16, 2014

@joshtpm You so funny. @TPM

— ConservativeLA (@ConservativeLA) September 16, 2014

@joshtpm @TPM The only people banning talking about anything in schools are leftists. regularly. #derp

— American Elephant (@AmericnElephant) September 16, 2014

Hi @joshtpm, I think you're confused. Liberals are usually the ones that try to ban things from the curriculum.

— AG (@AG_Conservative) September 16, 2014

@joshtpm What's it like, going through life seeing everything through the prism of partisan politics? Must be dull, tiring.

— T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) September 16, 2014

@BecketAdams It was just lazy. @hboulware @joshtpm

— Gary Eaton (@garysteveneaton) September 16, 2014

@joshtpm @TPM here's an idea? Let's not compare law abiding Americans to ISIS or Hitler. I know this will require thinking outside the box.

— Milkshakes Anytime (@MomMilkshake) September 16, 2014

@garysteveneaton @joshtpm @TPM @GayPatriot ISIS believe in raping, abusing and killing women. Possible bridge to the Kennedys?

— Jeff (@Boda45) September 16, 2014

@joshtpm @TPM ISIS says Western civilization is bigoted, imperialistic and oppressive > possible bridge to liberals?

— ryuge (@0ryuge) September 16, 2014

Sick. —> @joshtpm:

— Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) September 16, 2014

@AdamBaldwin @joshtpm A group that beheads people, sells women, mass slaughter, why that's just like the social con next door. BE AFRAID.

— Brian Cates (@drawandstrike) September 16, 2014

Dude, really @joshtpm? @TPM

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 16, 2014

Hey @joshtpm, at least conservatives aren't hanging gays off bridges and beheading journalists and aid workers. Idiot.

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 16, 2014

President Obama was pretending to be "an advisor to ISIS", is that a bridge to progressives @joshtpm? Can you confirm?

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 16, 2014

Hey @joshtpm conservatives & ISIS are totes the same thing, minus female genital mutilation & prevention of education for girls, but whatev

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 16, 2014

Conservatives compare ISIS to Hitler = totally crazy. Compare conservatives to ISIS, totally cool because @joshtpm says there's a "bridge"

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 16, 2014

.@joshtpm Have some dignity, man. Some self-respect.

— Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) September 16, 2014

You might as well ask a doorknob to become sentient. RT @baseballcrank: .@joshtpm Have some dignity, man. Some self-respect.

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) September 16, 2014

The comedy stylings of the hopelessly unfunny @joshtpm

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) September 16, 2014

yeah i call once again upon People Who Are Not Funny to please stop trying to be funny.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 16, 2014

but @joshtpm gets on twitter and suddenly it's rainbow suspenders and a brick wall

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 16, 2014

i'm going to take the Simon Cowell position here and say that it's more kind to tell someone who's not funny that he's not funny.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 16, 2014

instead of giving them false encouragement with that fake laugh and nod thing we do.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 16, 2014

@irishspy Maybe if ISIS comes out for high speed rail @joshtpm will hail it as a bridge to liberals?

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) September 16, 2014


— Drew (@BigMcLrgHuge) September 16, 2014

@Aaron_RS rip josh's sanity

— Joe Cunningham (@JoeC_Esquire) September 16, 2014

@joshtpm Go fuck yourself. @TPM

— Harry (@Tark31) September 16, 2014




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Must watch: Duck Dynasty and ‘Blurred Lines’ mashup at #CMAawards [video]!/CountryMusic/status/398256916855799808

When the stars from the hit show “Duck Dynasty” made their grand bearded entrance onto the Country Music Awards’ red carpet, no one expected that they’d end up on the stage twerking to Braid Paisley singing “quack quack quack.” But when it happened, it was magical.!/Henifitness/status/398303988992315392!/burns_cassie/status/398302784899911680!/Rhondako/status/398259974708940800!/AmandaAllOverrr/status/398256858772680705!/peoplearestERIN/status/398258167424892929!/Naomi_Dasilva/status/398256925831622656!/Tferwerda/status/398257258171101184

Whoah whoah, those last two were a little much. But yes, the mashup was witty, clever, and entertaining.

And let’s toss in this awesome picture from the rehearsal:!/Wildaboutmusic/status/398316437934075904

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