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Are Google and YouTube poised to screw over indie recording artists?!/JulianLennon/status/479054905164832768

YouTube is launching a new music video subscription service and artists who don’t agree to their terms may be left out in the cold.!/viticci/status/479053312386686976

According to Billboard:!/textfiles/status/479049689082634240!/JaedenStormes/status/479011371321806848!/JaedenStormes/status/479036020508213249!/DarnaaMusic/status/479117143926001664



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Clear articulation of sahityas

Ramakrishnan Murthy showed a natural flow of sowkhyam music free from clich├ęs and affectation for T.S. Sankara Iyer memorial concert, held at Sri Kothanda Ramaswami temple, Ramnagar, Coimbatore. Warm

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Pop Music In America Right Now Is So Superficial..