If The Metal Music Is The Work Of Satan…

This Innovative Artist Paints Eye-Opening Creations On Tiny Canvases

“Makeup can be so much more than meets the eye,” Tal Peleg writes, and she means that quite literally.

Plenty of makeup artists can deftly wing out black eyeliner with a flick of the wrist, but turning eyelids into canvases for miniature paintings requires a pretty unique skillset. Instead of hosting smokey eyes and cut creases, Peleg’s eyes serve as windows into the books, plays, films, and myths that we all know and love.


“Moulin Rouge”


“The Wizard of Oz”

“Mary Poppins”

“The Princess Bride”

“The Sound of Music”

“The Giving Tree”

“The Shining”

“Pet Cemetery”

“The Moomins”

“Les Miserables”

“How to Train Your Dragon”

“The NeverEnding Story”

“Pandora’s Box”

“Big Hero 6”

“Little Red Riding Hood”


“The Diary of Anne Frank”

“Snow White”

(via My Modern Met)

Tal Peleg is pretty prolific in her scope, so if your favorite story didn’t make an appearance in this roundup, look for it on the artist’s Facebook and Instagram pages! Be sure to follow her for regular updates.

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This Street Performer Has The Tiniest, Most Devoted Audience Ever

I’ve seen so many street performers that, sometimes, they seem to blend together.

But this guy? He’s clearly got something special going for him…

When he started playing his guitar for local passersby, the man was surprised when a few guests stopped to really enjoy the entire show. Just take a look at who relished in his sweet tunes…if you need a pick-me-up, this is sure to brighten your day!

They’re hypnotized by his music. How cute is that?!

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Speed Eating Champion Kobayashi Takes On A Hamster In A Cute Competition.

Japanese competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi has destroyed heaping amounts of food over the years in numerous competitions. For example, he once ate 110 hot dogs in 10 minutes and smashed a world record when he ate 97 slider-sized hamburgers in 94 seconds. Now that’s impressive!

But we think he might have finally met his match. This tiny hamster challenged Kobayashi’s eating talents to a “hot dog” eating competition.

The video below shows the pair going head to head, starting of course with intense, hot-dog-eating-competition-worthy music and a couple tight shots of Kobayashi and the tiny hamster preparing for battle. Get ready for some intense action!

(Source: HelloDenizen)

To be fair to Kobayashi though, that hamster was clearly cheating by not swallowing.

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