Occupy Chicago freakout: The LRAD is coming, the LRAD is coming!!/Timcast/status/204429226831650817

Here is an LRAD. It’s a Long Range Acoustic Device better known as a sound cannon and it’s used to disperse unruly crowds.

Here is an Occupy Chicago freakout over the LRAD (led by the same livestreamer who freaked out last night over a brief police stop):

Two #LRAD s spotted heading to march.

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) May 21, 2012

#NONATO #Chicago @Timcast REPORT #LRAD being positioned, moving in on protestors.

— john zangas (@johnzangas) May 21, 2012

It's raining hard now. March has turned north on Canal. Overheard a white shirt: "We've got the #LRAD" #noNATO

— Dustin Slaughter (@DustinSlaughter) May 21, 2012

#LRAD moving in on #nonato #nato

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) May 21, 2012!/tzeero4/status/204431374785052673!/Loldirtybastard/status/204429665379688448

Fuck 1 by 1 live streams seem to be dropping off – "coincidentally" right as the LRAD gets deployed. Stay safe guys, fuck the pigs. #NoNATO

— roasty (@roastydog) May 20, 2012

And here are other Twitter users chuckling at the Occupy freaks freaking out:

OMGee- the #LRAD faction of #NoNATO is more insane than the regular faction. It must be the meth causing this kind of mass paranoia.

— R (@LibertyLynx) May 21, 2012!/Revenant0101/status/204432241034661888

Pssst. Hey, Occupiers: Nelly Furtado’s Billboard Music Awards performance was far more terrifying and damaging to the eardrums. That’s torture.

The snark continues:

@SamValley I'd suggest playing Rage Against the Machine on the #LRAD, but Occupy would be the only people on Earth who'd actually like it.

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) May 21, 2012

@SamValley I'd suggest playing Rage Against the Machine on the #LRAD, but Occupy would be the only people on Earth who'd actually like it.

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) May 21, 2012

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Dog Does The Funniest Thing When His Owner Plays The Accordion

If you need a little pick-me-up, Nathan the dog has you covered. (And even if you don’t, he’s worth a watch!) Every time his owner pulls out her accordion to play a tune, the charming little Chinese crested pup can’t hold back his joy. There’s something about the music that brings Nathan to his happy place. Watch what he does when his owner begins to play…

I dare you not to smile when you see it!

Just look at the little guy go!

That’s adorably hilarious. If stealing the show was against the law, then our friend Nathan here would be one smooth criminal!

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People Claim That If You Listen To This Song, You’ll Commit Suicide Shortly After

Whenever people are in a funk, they usually have a song or a playlist that lifts them out of that dark place. It might be an upbeat, motivational song that gives them the power to get through life’s perils. It could be a song that speaks to them emotionally. The common denominator here is that the song or playlist of their choice is designed to lift their spirits in some way.

But there’s one song out there that reportedly has the opposite effect. In fact, it is so notorious that it has since been deemed “The Hungarian Suicide Song.” Rezso Seress wrote a song called “The World Is Ending” in 1933 at the end of World War I, which is when clinical depression was at an all-time high worldwide. Legend has it that those who listened to the song committed suicide shortly thereafter.

Despite the legend, that song went on to be one of Seress’ greatest hits. An American version was recorded by Billie Holiday in 1941, and it goes by the name of “Gloomy Sunday.” Despite this rebranding, it is still linked with numerous suicides. Are you brave enough to listen to it?

(via Unbelievable Facts)

It does have an incredibly dark feel to it, right? If you did give it a listen, go play some pop music or something to counteract its effects.

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Take An Alphabet And Make It Better: Learn The ABC’s Of The Beatles.

Discovering the Beatles and their impact on our musical world is an important step in everyone’s life. Probably as important as learning your A-B-C’s. Okay, fine, maybe they aren’t quite that fundamental, but the classic rock icons are definitely up there. And fans of the Fab Four will get a kick out of this Tumblr user’s ode to the mop-topped melody makers which coordinates each letter of the alphabet to an import piece of the Beatles’ legendary history.

Also a good way to teach your kids the alphabet and the importance of knowing whether the walrus was Paul or John at the same time! Use the link below and be a little help to your friends!

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