You’ll Never Believe The Incredibly Awesome Things On Kickstarter Right Now.

If you’re not familiar with it already, Kickstarter is a website that helps people crowdfund their projects. Gadgets, games and even movies (like Veronica Mars) have been funded on Kickstarter. It’s simply genius. 

Even more genius than the site itself are the projects that are attempting to become a reality on it. These items are all brilliant and, if the campaigns raise enough money, you’ll be able to buy one of your very own!

1.) swivelCard: A Paper USB Business Card.

A swivelCard is a premium paper business card that includes a USB drive, i.e., a smart business card. It includes built-in analytics and can be updated even after giving it out.

2.) Sense: The smart alarm clock that wakes you up at just the right time.

It even records the data and sends audio clips of what woke you up three times last night!

3.) Emberlight.

Want to dim your lights with your phone..or just when you leave/enter the room? Here you go!

4.) The Colfax Smart Pack.

This smart backpack allows you to get wireless internet access on the go…and charge your stuff!

5.) GripSnap.

Tired of taking selfies on vacation just using your arm? Here’s the genius voice activated solution!

6.) The Coolest.

With a built-in ice-crushing blender, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to blast music, a USB charger to recharge your electronics, and other cool features, this is the cooler for the 21st century.

7.) Violet.

Wonder just how long you’ve been in the sun? This device does…and even warns you when to reapply sunscreen.

8.) Aquabot.

Turn any water bottle into a squirt gun. YES!

9.) OmieBox.

This wannabe lunch pail has a built-in insulated bowl for hot food, and compartments around it for cold food. It’s also easy to open so even little kids can use it.

10.) Solarpod Pyxis.

Able to charge two devices at a time, this solar charger only needs an hour and half in the sun to have enough juice to be able to fully charge a phone.

11.) Smash Cup.

Ideal for the coffee drinker on the go who wants to eliminate wasteful disposable cups.

12.) Bunch-o-Balloons.

Hate MAKING the water balloons for the fight? This is the million dollar solution.

13.) OwnPhones.

Wireless, stylish headphones. What else do I need to say?

14.) Hoverbike.

Currently only at 1/3 ideal size, they’re hoping to eventually one day move you around, Jetson-style!

15.) Noke: World’s First Bluetooth Padlock.

End the frustration of losing keys and forgetting combinations forever. Noke is the world’s first bluetooth padlock you can share with others!

16.) SQueo.

Bluetooth speaker in the shower. BOOM.

(via Kickstarter/BuzzFeed)

It’s okay if you have a little less money now than you did at the start of the post. These campaigns are all brilliant and are deserving of your donations!

Be sure to share with your friends using the buttons below. Let’s make sure together these cool products get funded!

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Hacked AARP Twitter account sends out tribute to dead rapper; Update: AARP not hacked

Or maybe the American Association of Retired People really does miss rapper Biggie Smalls?

Here is a screenshot of the tweet in question:

What do you think? Funniest hacking of a twitter account ever?

UPDATE: The hacker strikes again! Nobody at AARP seems to release what is happening.

What do you think Biggie would've been like at 50?

— AARP (@AARP) March 9, 2012

UPDATE: Looks like the “@AARP social lead” tweeted out an explanation for the AARP tweets honoring Biggie Smalls.

AARP members love music- whether that means Tony Bennett to our older members or Biggie to our younger members, we're sharing with em.

— Tammy Gordon (@tammy) March 9, 2012

Keep in mind, Generation X is just two years away from AARP membership and about 30% of our social media followers are younger than 50.

— Tammy Gordon (@tammy) March 9, 2012

Apparently the American Association of Retired People miss rapper Biggie Smalls. As they say… truth is stranger than fiction.

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Here Are 24 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Animals. #11 Just Made My Week.

Animals are a wonderful part of life. Hanging out with them, caring for them and even watching them can lower our blood pressure and put us in better moods. But there are more to our animal friends than meets the eye. Take, for example, these 24 awesome facts about our furry friends. Not only are these things not well known, but they’re also pretty awesome.

1.) Cows can have best friends.

2.) A group of flamingos is called a “flamboyance.”

3.) Millions of trees grow every year because grey squirrels bury their nuts.

4.) Here are two kittens (baby rabbits are “kits” or “kittens”).

5.) Butterflies taste with their feet.

6.) Sea otters hold each other’s paws when they sleep so they don’t drift apart.

7.) The Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish can regenerate its own cells, making it sort-of immortal.

8.) When rabbits jump and twist out of excitement, it’s called a “binky.”

9.) Humpback whales share mating songs throughout their population (they have their own popular music!).

10.) Gentoo penguins propose to their mates by using a carefully selected pebble.

11.) Seahorses are monogamous life mates and travel in pairs, holding each other’s tails.

12.) Male puppies will let their female counterparts “win” when they play fight to encourage affection.

13.) Monkeys want equal pay. When given a different reward for the same completed task, the shafted monkeys will get upset.

14.) Worms can communicate by snuggling.

15.) Elephants show incredible empathy for others, even different species.

16.) Fish can use tools.

17.) A cat’s nose imprint is unique like a human fingerprint.

18.) Dolphins have names for each other and can call out for each other specifically.

19.) Cows produce more milk when listening to soothing music.

20.) Aside from when nesting, a common swift will spend its entire life in the air (even eating insects up there).

21.) A group of porcupines is called a “prickle.”

22.) Chimp babies like playing with dolls.

23.) Rats can laugh.

24.) Quokkas may be the happiest animals on the planet.

(H/T BuzzFeed) The animal kingdom can be such a cool place. Share these unique, awesome facts with others by clicking on the button below.

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PSY apologizes for anti-American lyrics, but do Americans accept?

South Korean rapper PSY and the massive YouTube hit “Gangnam Style” seemingly came out of nowhere, but no one can say they didn’t see this coming. After a huge backlash following news that he had performed at an anti-American protest in 2004, PSY has issued an apology this afternoon.

“I’m deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted,” reads the statement. Huh?

Help me out, Psy. What’s the proper interpretation for “Kill those f**king Yankees…Kill their daughters… slowly+painfully”? (etc)

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) December 7, 2012

@jaketapper It’s an allusion to the changing of the seasons, the falling off of leaves, the arrival of snow

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) December 7, 2012

@jaketapper The interpretation is I want the success and fame and money that those Yankees now give me.

— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) December 7, 2012

@jaketapper I think it’s a Korean phrase, loosely translated to “don’t buy my albums.”

— Neal D. (@Neal_Dewing) December 7, 2012

@jaketapper I believe it is: “I never expected to have a song that becomes a hit in America and makes me a lot of money”.

— AG (@AG_Conservative) December 7, 2012

@jaketapper Maybe you didn’t read the whole thing, but it was calling against SPECIFIC soldiers who were killing INNOCENT CIVILIANS.

— Rachel Kang (@marlenasmusings) December 7, 2012

@marlenasmusings killing their daughters, mothers slowly and painfully

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) December 7, 2012

PSY also said that he and other artists performing were caught up in the “overall antiwar sentiment shared by others around the world at that time.” Is America in a forgiving mood, or is the ugliness of the lyrics enough to shake the nation out of its mania for “Gangnam Style” at last? Some find the statement genuine, and for others, sadly, no apology is necessary.

This apology from PSY seems genuine:

— Dustin Hurst (@DustinHurst) December 7, 2012

Very sincere apology by PSY in wake of anti-American comments unearthed from 2004:

— Steve Krakauer (@SteveKrak) December 7, 2012

Much respect for @psy_oppa‘s response to today’s witch hunt: via @rollingstone

— Stephanie Barto (@balinesecat) December 7, 2012

Why? RT @jazgar: ‘Gangnam Style’ Rapper Psy Apologizes for ‘Kill Those Fucking Yankees’ Rap

— Lauren G (@geeoharee) December 7, 2012

What, Psy wrote songs about American soldiers killing civilians back in 2002? My god, he’s a terrible human being.

— Josh Tree Park (@iworkinfilms) December 7, 2012

Seasons change, people change…Psy Apologizes for Anti-American Performances | Music News | Rolling Stone…

— Curley (@cadadj) December 7, 2012

Aww Psy But you should still do a Piers Morgan confessional and a USO tour in Afghanistan.

— Frances Martel (@francesmartel) December 7, 2012

It seems likely that PSY will go ahead with his scheduled appearance at “Christmas in Washington” despite a petition to have his invitation to perform rescinded. Plenty, though, are perfectly happy imagining a PSY-free future.

Shorter:”Please don’t stop buying my stupid record!”…

— Brian (@sportsmatters) December 7, 2012

Too late. RT @debweinstein: Ewww! ‘Gangnam Style’ rapper Psy apologizes for ‘Kill those f**king Yankees’ rap > @gawker

— Right Impression (@rightonusa) December 7, 2012

Not accepted go away now “@mediaite: ‘Gangnam Style’ PSY’s Vitriolic Anti-American Past Revealed UPDATE: PSY APOLOGIZES

— Mike Francis (@mike1894) December 7, 2012

Now that he stands to rake in beaucoup American $$$, @thr @psy_oppa … “˜Apologizes for Anti-U.S. Statement.”

— Greg Ammons (@GregAmmons) December 7, 2012

Psy issues apology for his anti-American performances a decade ago: “I will forever be sorry.” Then dances away #tcot

— digitalPimple (@digitalPimple) December 7, 2012

Of course he apologizes AFTER. RT @rollingstone: Psy has issued an apology for his anti-American performances.

— Dave Kim (@davekim83) December 7, 2012

Psy apologizes for his Anti-American rap because money.

— Mark Campbell (@MrWordsWorth) December 7, 2012

Asshole. RT @mediaite: PSY Apologizes For Anti-American Military Lyrics

— Wes (@FTWes) December 7, 2012

Someone saw their gravy train speeding out of the station:…

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) December 7, 2012

Psy can take his “Oh, I’m making money off of you now, so here’s an insincere apology” and go straight to hell @psy_oppa

— John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) December 7, 2012

If you’ve soured on PSY and are looking for a replacement to fill the need for rap in your life, this tweeter has an audition verse.

Here’s a rap – Bye PSY RT @gawker: ‘Gangnam Style’ rapper Psy apologizes for ‘kill those fucking Yankees’ rap

— Kelly Cutrone (@peoplesrev) December 7, 2012

No surprise here; the concert in D.C. will go on as planned.

Psy to perform at Christmas in Washington concert “as planned”:

— Talking Points Memo (@TPM) December 7, 2012

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