Pop Music In America Right Now Is So Superficial..

Wedding Singers Are Cool And All, But Little Performers Like This Are Even Better

Brides and grooms always want guests to take special memories away from their ceremonies.

After agonizing over centerpieces, flowers, seating charts, dresses, food, and decor for months, happy couples everywhere hope that their weddings leave lasting impressions. One particularly important piece of the matrimonial puzzle is the music. Some people go with DJs, and others do things the old-fashioned way by hiring bands. While those choices are always entertaining, performers with a flair for getting preciously personal tend to stand out.

And this little girl named Emma is a wedding singer of the most adorable variety. The bride and groom had no idea what to expect when their little friend grabbed the microphone, but when she started singing, everyone in the room practically melted.

Emma’s rendition of “Love Is an Open Door” will go down in wedding history as one of the cutest acts ever.

These are the wedding moments that people talk about for weeks. It’s pretty obvious that she stole the show at this ceremony, and based on the bride’s reaction, she didn’t mind one bit.

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Take Power Napping to New Heights With These 15 Comfy Accessories.

Let’s face it: naps are some of the greatest things on earth, and are totally underrated. If you’re like most people, you put up a resistance to nap time in your earlier years. It wasn’t until later when the thought of curling up for a little while during the day began to grow on you. Seriously, why can’t we bring back some official nap time? We’d all be much more relaxed.  

For those of you who look to take your nap game to the next level, we can help. We’re also jealous of the fact that you have time to take naps and the rest of us don’t.

Check out these 15 nap accessories that will make you plop down wherever you are for a snooze. 

1.) Pizza Sleeping Bag

These pizza sleeping bags are made to order and come with optional topping pillows, so you can have the pizza of your dreams.

2.) Shark Sleeping Bag, a/k/a “Chumbuddy”

Nothing says relaxing like “shark attack,” right? Snuggle up with this creature of the deep for your next snooze. Who knew being chum was so comfortable?

3.) Heating/Cooling Pad

This mattress pad allows for both heating and cooling, so it can be used year-round.

4.) Bed Fan

This fan blows a quiet stream of air between the sheets, so you won’t get overheated when you sleep. It has a relatively small range, so it’s also good for couples with different temperature needs.

5.) Power Nap Plush

Since having the imprint of a keyboard on your face gives you away, this pillow is cleverly camouflaged as a binder. Okay, maybe not cleverly, but it’s a good pillow to keep on hand for when the need to nap strikes.

6.) Reclining Office Chair

Stuck at work? Not a problem with this chair. It fully reclines, so you can stretch out at your desk. An extendable footrest allows for leg support at all heights.

7.) Suit Pajamas

Combined with the reclining office chair and the binder pillow, these snappy pajamas will make you look like you’re getting work done, regardless of whether you’re conscious.

8.) Sleep Sound Lamb

Yeah, okay, we know this is marketed for infants, but they call it “sleeping like a baby” for a reason. This plush lamb offers a variety of soothing sounds to lull you, including a heartbeat, a gentle rain shower, the ocean, and whales.

9.) Sleep Mask with Music Input

Not only does it block out light, it also blocks out external sound. Plug it in to listen to relaxing music or sounds.

10.) Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse

I don’t care how manly you think you are, Minnie here will have you dozing in no time. It creates the sound of slow, even breathing, with the goal of slowing your breath, leading to a relaxing sleep.

11.) Shoulder Pillow

The design of this pillow allows you to nap while sitting up, and also allows for the full relaxation of the neck muscles to cut down on stiffness. It’s also perfect for travel.

12.) The Ostrich Pillow

If you can’t bring a pillow, wear one. The Ostrich Pillow allows you to put your head down on anything, anywhere, and even has built-in pockets for your hands. Confidence to wear this thing on your head in public is not included.

13.) The Better Sleep Pillow

No longer will you have to worry about what to do with your other arm! The channel in the bottom of this pillow allows for arm comfort like never before.

14.) Inflatable Car Mattress

Instead of squishing yourself onto the back seat during road trips, this mattress provides support and extends over the leg space, giving you more room to stretch out.

15.) Nap Suit

For those of you who have given up on looking like you can make it through a day without passing out, we present the nap suit. It’s stylish nature can only be improved upon by accessorizing with the Ostrich Pillow.

  I don’t know about you, but now that I’ve been up for over two hours, I really need to lie down. Oh, look! A binder…

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‘Get angry’: AEI’s Charles Murray fed up with discrimination against Asian college applicants!/heavyhokie/status/364389939787476993

That certainly seems to be the mantra of many elite universities these days. As American Enterprise Institute’s Charles Murray notes, students of Asian heritage are frequently “getting screwed” in favor of other “underrepresented” minorities when applying to colleges — and it’s time to “get angry”:!/charlesmurray/status/364389238113976321

More from Murray on the “Asian ceiling”:

There is no benign explanation for this disparity, unless benign includes “We think a ceiling on Asian-Americans in our student body is appropriate.” That’s what America’s elite universities have decided, and it’s time to demand that they justify it publicly. So let’s have that much-touted conversation about race, but let’s do it about Asian-Americans. Here is the sub rosa rationale for the Asian-American ceiling:

“Yes, they get high test scores and grades in high school, because that’s all they and their ambitious parents care about. They aren’t intellectually curious. They don’t add to classroom discussions. They don’t have any interests outside academics or maybe music. They don’t come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. They don’t add as much to the university environment as other kids whose test scores and grades aren’t as high.”

I didn’t write that down because I believe it, or because I think any admissions officer in any elite university in the country will defend it in public, but because something like that logic is the only justification for a ceiling on Asian-American admissions. Otherwise, it’s just discrimination against hard-working, high-achieving young people because of the color of their skin. And that would be despicable.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

It’s worth noting that most Asian-Americans tend to vote for Democrats:!/SJSTHRILLER/status/364390372924858369

Seventy-three percent of Asians in America voted for Obama this past November. And in doing so, it’s as if they are giving their tacit approval to the very policies that work against them. For years, Democrats have pushed for discriminatory practices in the college admissions process — in the name of “diversity”:

“Our diversity is our great strength,” [President Clinton] declared. “If a university says, ‘Look, we’re only going to let in qualified people, but we think that the life of the university will be strengthened if we had different kinds of people,’ then I think that’s a legitimate thing.”

Otherwise, he added, “there are universities in California that could fill their entire freshman classes with nothing but Asian Americans.”

Murray is right: it’s time to get angry. How can American exceptionalism be maintained if we insist on punishing the exceptional and rewarding mediocrity?

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