Clean Up Your iTunes music library collection with ‘Rinse’

What “Rinse” does?

  • Removes Duplicate Songs in your music collection.

    Save precious storage space and enjoy an organized collection. Don’t worry if you have misspelled songs or albums. With Rinse, you choose which version you want to keep, and can even test it out before you decide with the simulation mode.

  • Repair Misspelled Songs, Artists, and Album Details.

    Make your collection attractive and easy to browse on your devices without remembering that Dave Matthews is the Dave Matthews Band, for example. Edit entire collection at once, or song by song.

  • Fill in the blanks for your music collection.

    Rinse automatically finds missing artists, albums, dates, and genres for you. You can choose what sources to include: the original album, a compilation, or greatest hits album.

  • Add missing album art to your music library.

    Rinse automatically finds high resolution album art so you can enjoy it on your computer, in iTunes, on your phone, and on your other devices.

  • Refine your iTunes genres so you can browse and listen to the music that you want.

    Combine and organize your music collection the way you want it.

How it works?

The Best Song Organizer

Built to be the easiest and fastest way to organize your songs – add missing album art, fix misspellings, remove duplicates, rename genres and more. Rinse is powered by an intelligent online database which means it can fix songs without making you type in the new information.

Fix Song Details

Rinse automatically looks up your songs in an online music database and downloads the correct details for each song. You can choose to fix songs one-at-a-time so you can see and edit the details before saving them or choose to fix songs automatically (while you sleep!)

Lots of Options

Created to be easy to use, but it is also the most powerful way to edit your mp3 tags. Rinse has lots of options that allow you to choose exactly what songs get fixed, which details are updated or left alone, how to decide what a duplicate is and more. With Rinse, you are in control.

Remove Duplicate Songs

Removing duplicated tracks from your music library not only saves space, but makes it easier to organize and enjoy your music. Rinse uses an intelligent matching technology to find songs that are duplicates – even if they have different spellings or information. You can choose how Rinse finds duplicates (by ignoring albums, for example) as well as what to do with duplicates once they are found – you can flag them for review or have them deleted immediately.

Organize iTunes® Genres

Most people have almost as many different genres as songs in their iTunes – making browsing by genres pretty useless. Rinse makes it easy to organize and consolidate genres down to just the ones you want – combining similar genres into the ones you use the most.

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Review: Didi Benami duets with Keaton Simons on new song “If I Hadn’t Forgotten”

via My Reality Television

Keaton Simons’ new single entitled “If I Hadn’t Forgotten” features American Idol Season 9 finalist Didi Benami. It is now available to the public via iTunes and Amazon as a digital download.


Keaton Simons is a thirty-something, multi-talented singer songwriter, and musician who has albums and EPs attached to his credential along with a degree in Ethnomusicology.

His musicality is always spot on and his voice soulful and bluesy. This was clear on the song “If I hadn’t forgotten” originally released as a single.

The song itself on first listen renders a feeling that you might have heard it before from somewhere. In its simplicity and timelessness, it could very well be placed in a movie soundtrack or perhaps a TV show.

And placed it was! ABC’s hit medical drama series “Private Practice” picked it up and put the song front and center in its November 3rd episode (EP506) entitled “If I Hadn’t Forgotten.” Not only is the episode the same as the track title, the main character Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) sings a few lines of the song!

“If I Hadn’t Forgotten” took another turn this week with a special release of a duet version. Lending the other half of this now two-tone harmony is the wistful, pulsing voice of Didi Benami.

Simons and Benami are long time friends and Didi has appeared in a number of Keaton Simons shows in Los Angeles.

While the tune could be carried fine on its own solo, we could see why Benami’s voice is the missing piece needed to perfect this song. Says producer and owner of Revolver Recordings (where the song was mixed and recorded), Mikal Blue:

“it was suggested that Didi could come and do a duet on one of (the) songs. I thought it was a great idea but I’ve no idea how amazing it was gonna sound. As soon as it got Didi’s voice into this track, the whole track took on a new vibe; it was beautiful hearing them both.”

In a post from Official American Idol site about the song release, Benami affirms:

“I’m very happy and excited about it. It’s been a long time in the works for me to get something out there, and I think the wait brought us to just the right song at just the right moment.”

Behind the scenes look:


Whether there was conscious effort to bring in Didi Benami to ‘complete’ the track, the result is sublime and universally appealing. The give and take, the push and pull, the symbiosis brought the song into a whole new tier.

Benami’s voice hooks you in, inviting you to her world as she sings about the lost love. There is longing and yearning as she profess: “And I don’t know what you’ve been dreamin’ of, if your heart is haunted by our love, and I don’t know if you’ve tried movin’ on, But I can’t get past the way we left off…” leading into the chorus blending in tastefully with Simons’ crisp vocals:

If I knew now
What I knew then
If I hadn’t forgotten
What we meant
If I’d held on
Through the hard times
If I’d done what I needed to make things right
I’d know love before I lost it
If I hadn’t forgotten

Where the two draws the connection to the song, Benami might have sentimental attachment to it from the beginning as revealed on the behind the scenes video: “When I first heard the song, I felt like it was the last relationship that I was in, and it just brought me back… to what I could have done differently… It’s a message of hope for those of us that overthink everything and for those of us that don’t…

The track is Benami’s debut release since going on a nationwide American Idol tour in 2010. She was in New York City two months ago at the Rockwood Music Hall for an intimate showcase of what she’s been working on as far as her music goes. She is off to the Bahamas for a charity concert and dinner weekend on  November 11, and she’s chosen to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (

We wish both of these artists much success in their respective careers and we surely won’t mind another collaboration in the offing.

There is a streaming song preview at Didi Benami’s Official website. You can check out Keaton Simons official site here. You could get FREE song download from Didi’s fansite. They have a contest giveaway going on at their site as part of supporting the song and Benami.

Follow up to the minute updates from the two on their social network:

@DidiBenami on Twitter
@KeatonSimons on Twitter

Keaton’s Official Facebook | Didi’s Official Facebook


Buy the New Single from Keaton Simons & Didi Benami

HitPredictor gives YOU “power” to affect new music; win cool prizes while making a difference!

We chanced upon HitPredictor (formerly PromoSquad) while searching for ‘new music’ on the web. One link lead to another and what a great discovery HitPredictor is!

In essence HitPredictor allows users to hear and vote on new unreleased songs from upcoming artists like Crystal Bowersox to already known artists such as Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Goo Goo Dolls, Usher, Ti to Maroon 5 among others. As you rate the songs, you will get a chance to leave a comment and make suggestions as to what you think of the song and how to improve it. You get points along the way as you rate music and answer polls.

HitPredictor gives you the power to directly affect new music before it’s released to the public. Through HitPredictor, YOU can make an important difference in the music and influence record companies, radio stations, managers, today’s biggest artists and new up & coming artists. Membership is free, and you earn points to redeem for cool prizes!

What’s In It For You?

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Here are some screen shots of what to expect when rating new music. We got to hear 3 of Crystal’s songs on her album “Farmer’s Daughter” last month and her album is set for release December 14th! We got to hear and rate Crystal’s songs ahead of everybody else!