I’m not old, today’s music does suck.

Nerd couture: Katy Perry shows off Webster’s dictionary purse at #AMAs!/LauraMaraFusco/status/404766647833362432

Pop star Katy Perry carried the latest in nerd fashion with her to the American Music Awards red carpet: a Webster’s dictionary clutch. She’s on the cutting edge of couture…and she can make sure she’s spelling it right, too.

The purse earned raves, mostly.!/jessicaa_84/status/404762742147784704!/intouchweekly/status/404762597234200576!/Katys_TeddyBear/status/404761363274153984

Wonder what magician David Blaine would pull out of Katy’s clutch this time?!/aisleseat/status/404766938951196672

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Ke$ha wishes upon a shooting star!/keshasuxx/status/187490808969170944

Wished for a schlong!

— kesha (@KeshaRose) April 4, 2012

Pop star Ke$ha: classy as ever.

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Renee Fleming’s Super Bowl National Anthem wins raves [pic, video]!/TheCleopahtra/status/430123803168227328

Soprano Renee Fleming’s version of the National Anthem before the start of the Super Bowl is winning thumbs-up reviews:!/Bazooka_Bob/status/430124681782624256!/MZHemingway/status/430121509281988608!/YahooMusic/status/430119162917048320!/ellencarmichael/status/430119484733808640


It’s been a very thematic Super Bowl so far:!/APgelston/status/430121513598324738



‘Flipping the bird to PETA’: Joe Namath’s fur coat turns heads at the Super Bowl [pic]

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