Madonna endorses ‘black Muslim’ Obama at concert!/GinoRaidy/status/250437554304843778

Fans ate up Madonna’s mid-concert political speech and endorsement of Barack Obama last night. But as one concert-goer’s video clip shows, the Material Girl went a little overboard on the diversity pander. “For better or worse,” she exulted, “we have a black Muslim” in the White House.

Errrrrr, we do?

Madonna, you did not call the President a black Muslim in your Vote For Obama portion of your DC show.

— Ryan Labay (@drownedworld) September 25, 2012

Oh yes she did. She also praised the, uh, “Muslim’s” stance on gay rights. Celebrity endorsements are hard.

Madonna supports @BarackObama: We have a black muslim in the white house! Now that is the shit!

— (@madonnarama) September 25, 2012

While the crowd cheered Madonna’s oh-so-informed commentary, at least a few in attendance noticed the gaffe:

Granted it's loud in here, but I'm pretty sure #Madonna just said we have a black Muslim in the White House

— Jessica T♥ Healy (@jessicatiahrt) September 25, 2012

Blown away by political speech in middle of #madonna concert! Did she just say we have a black Muslim in the white house?!

— Jill Braunstein (@jillbraun) September 25, 2012

Madonna jut said there is a Muslim black man in the White House. Wtf? #mdna

— Cate Meredith (@cate_meredith) September 25, 2012

PolitiFact rates Madonna’s statement false, but *Obama swoon*.

It appears Madonna is a low-information voter.

— Byron York (@ByronYork) September 25, 2012

Coming soon: “Black Muslim 2012″ koozies designed to fit your official Obama birth certificate mug? Like a birther … hey!

I denounce this hate speech, with a poorly-informed demagogue telling a crowd Obama is a "black Muslim".

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) September 25, 2012

And we have an ignorant idiot commenting from England. RT @huffingtonpost: Madonna: 'We've got a black Muslim in the White House…'…

— chpoling (@chpoling) September 25, 2012

And of course, what informed endorsement is complete without a companion tramp stamp?

#Madonna has a temporary tattoo that says #OBAMA on her back, #respect!!

— René PorcelainDahl✞ (@Erneporcelain) September 25, 2012

We know who Madonna is voting for! Obama 2012

— Sara (@styleMBA) September 25, 2012

Madonna is taking her clothes off on stage showing off Obama on her back

— MICHAEL COOK (@michael_a_cook) September 25, 2012

Evidently “black Muslim in the White House” wouldn’t fit.


Madge claims she was being “ironic.” It was the trucker hat of endorsements or something. A likely story.

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This Teenager Has Recreated Your Favorite Film Moments With Legos. YEP.

For a 15 year-old, Morgan Spence is well on his way to an impressive career in animation.

In a collaboration with Lego author Warren Elsmore, the English lad has recreated some of film history’s most iconic moments in a short animated video. Elsmore created the mini-figurines for his book Brick Flicks. He then reached out to the youngster for some help with promotional content.

After three weeks of meticulous work, they were finished with the video that paid homage to these classic films.

The Sound of Music

Wayne’s World

The Wizard of Oz

Pulp Fiction

Dirty Dancing

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Singing In the Rain

Morgan setting up his shot.

(H/T: Daily Mail.)

Hopefully this didn’t interfere with any of Morgan’s homework. You can find more cute flicks from him over on his website and more Lego creations by Elsmore on his website as well.

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Clear articulation of sahityas

Ramakrishnan Murthy showed a natural flow of sowkhyam music free from clichés and affectation for T.S. Sankara Iyer memorial concert, held at Sri Kothanda Ramaswami temple, Ramnagar, Coimbatore. Warm

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Australian musician Calum Hood deletes tweet dissing his countrymen!/calum5sosgirls/status/401765200669720577

Today, Calum Hood of Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer decided it would be a good idea to throw a little shade at his Australian fans. To his credit, he quickly apologized. Then he deleted both the original tweet and the subsequent apology, perhaps hoping that none of his 1.4 million followers saw anything.

Maybe it’s just us, but this doesn’t seem like a very good social media strategy.!/aussiedirtbags/status/401716060602122241!/KaitlynSalem/status/401710805663510528!/cucumberzayn/status/401717434312192001!/5SOS_Updates/status/401718791366647808

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