Madonna to concert-goers in La., Texas: ‘Vote for Obama'; Fans report boos

Oh, yes, this happened.

Madonna made an appeal for concert goers in New Orleans to vote for Obama, and was greeted with boos and a walkout. #StupidLiberalPerformers

— db (@CoachDB18) October 28, 2012

Madonna, desperately and bitterly trying to cling to relevance, told concert-goers that she doesn’t care who they vote for, as long as it’s Obama. Fans responded with, “Shut up and try to sing” in the form of boos and walk-outs.

Wow. Fans walked out of Madonna’s concert & booed her after she told concert goers to vote for Obama @mittromney 2012

— Jon Regas (@Jonx13) October 28, 2012

Friend at Madonna Concert in New Orleans tonight -Said Madonna plugged BO, telling crowd to vote for him – BOOS were long & deafening #tcot

— Elisabeth Adair (@EMAdair225) October 28, 2012

Way to go Louisiana!! Go Romney!! News from @ap: Madonna booed after touting Obama in La. Concert.

— Hillary Pate (@HillaryPate) October 28, 2012

Concert attendees reported from the pitiful scene.

A friend of mine attending Madonna concert in NOLA complaining on FB about Madonna drivel about Obama during concert. Predictable

— Dave Schwickerath (@DaveSchwick) October 28, 2012

@blockheadliv the only time Madonna got booed when she said she doesn’t who we vote for, (unless its Obama)

— Tania (@JoeMacGirlnLA) October 28, 2012

“@abaiamonte: Alight Madonna, we understand you like Obama.. Now STFU!” 😂😂😂 I’m sooooooooo bored. Come save me

— vanessa (@BjsSgk11) October 28, 2012

Boredom was a running theme. As always, rock stars (term used loosely) think that they are super edgy and cool when, in reality, they are oh-so-tired and predictable. This concert-goer sums Madonna’s “performance” up.

Just back from the #Madonna concert in #NOLA. WASTE of time & money. 2 hrs late, then BORING 1st half. I fell asleep multiple times. #NoJoke

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

Then she encouraged everyone to vote. Didn’t care for whom…as long as it was Obama. Crowd cheered big, then boo’d bigger. #madonna #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

Then many people got up & left the concert. They were the lucky. My group was separated, couldn’t hear phone calls to go. #Madonna #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

The rest of the concert was pretty boring as well. She made Brittany Spears look like the music concert show biz benchmark. #Madonna #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

My 1st & last #Madonna concert. SO glad I didn’t waste my money on it. Ticket was a birthday gift. Heard how overpriced tickets were. #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

Just wanted to see #Madonna in concert before she got too old & broke a hip or something. Should have skipped it. #Madonna concert #NOLA

— Monique (@MoniNewOrleans) October 28, 2012

Other concert attendees report a similar experience.

@scottwalker6 just left Madonna concert I Nola…totally sucked! She took opportunity to tell us how to vote! Boo

— Kaci Ramirez (@Kaciwag) October 28, 2012

Madonna just professed her support for Obama. There were so many boos in the arena. I’m like…did you know which concert you were going to?

— Matt Armato (@mattarmato) October 28, 2012

Madonna needs to shut her mouth abou Obama and sing

— Maddi Cairns (@maddicairns) October 28, 2012

It seems this is a new pattern for the “Material Girl,” who is actually now utterly immaterial. Fans report a similar Madonna fail in Texas.

I wonder if Madonna anticpated all the boos she got when she tore off her shirt in Houston to reveal “Obama” written on her back?

— ANDREA YANG (@ANDREAYANG2) October 26, 2012

Tramp stamp fail.

Madonna just tried to support Obama boos started coming from everyone in the crowd #texas

— Maddy Kelly (@mskelly411) October 26, 2012

Madonna may as well just end every concert with a sickening serenade to Obama featuring “Crazy for You.”

Thankfully, concert-goers are responding with a hearty “We are just not that into you, President Obama.”


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#AMAs loser: ‘WTH!’ Luke Bryan’s bedazzled blazer befuddled fans [pics]

Oh dear.

Luke Bryan performed at the American Music Awards Sunday night.


He won the award for Favorite Male Country Artist.

Bryan may be a hit, but his blazer was not.!/gonerunningg/status/404817456117874688

Yes. Yes it was.


No worries! Talking quickly ensued. And by “talking,” we mean mocking. Like the wind!!/dpb_rtr/status/404815069785382912!/jhuckz/status/404860396785254400

And this viewer offered an exit suggestion for Bryan, via a personal fun fact.

Good call!


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This Is A Quiz For Dumb Kids Who Know Nothing About ’90s Rock

It’s time to learn about some cool and important stuff.

  1. 1. What did this guy do back in the ’90s?

    1. He was the singer in Seven Mary Three
    2. Night manager at a Denny’s in Ohio
    3. Was studying to become a dentist, but was like “fuck it, I gotta rock” and started a band
    4. Played drums in Nirvana

  2. 2. Which band was like “FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHATCHU TELL ME!!!!!”

    1. Pearl Jam
    2. Alice In Chains
    3. Silverchair
    4. Rage Against the Machine

  3. 3. What band is this guy in?

    1. R.E.M.
    2. Toad the Wet Sprocket
    3. Live
    4. The Smashing Pumpkins

  4. 4. Did people think Weezer was cool when they first came out in the mid ’90s?

    1. Yes, definitely
    2. Hahaha, no
    3. Kinda cool for a corporate rock version of Pavement, maybe
    4. Trick question, Weezer weren’t around back then

  5. 5. Which band was like “I WANT TO FUCK YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    1. Yo La Tengo
    2. Pulp
    3. The Prodigy
    4. Nine Inch Nails

  6. 6. Which rock star did Courtney Love marry?

    1. Anthony Kiedis
    2. Kurt Cobain
    3. Steven Tyler
    4. Eddie Vedder

  7. 7. Who did this guy heroically fight against in the ’90s?

    1. The shampoo industry
    2. TicketMaster
    3. His manager at the gas station
    4. THE MAN

  8. 8. Which lady singer was like “I WANT TO BE YOUR BLOWJOB QUEEN!!!!!”

    1. Drew Barrymore
    2. Lisa Loeb
    3. Shirley Manson
    4. Liz Phair

  9. 9. What were the Beastie Boys’ names?

    1. MC Ravage, DJ Peanuts, and Adam X
    2. Cuppy, Dr. Dollarsign, and Vince Bloat
    3. MCA, Ad-Rock, and Mike D
    4. Mikey C, Phil Jackson, and Tuggy J

  10. 10. Which band was Gwen Stefani a member of back in the ’90s?

    1. 311
    2. Veruca Salt
    3. No Doubt
    4. No Diggity

  11. 11. Which band was like “THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    1. The Smashing Pumpkins
    2. Sonic Youth
    3. Soul Asylum
    4. Stone Temple Pilots

  12. 12. Who were the enemies of Oasis?

    1. Blur
    2. Bush
    3. Rush
    4. Lush

  13. 13. Which band was like “DO YOU WANNNNA DIIIIEEE???”

    1. Sunny Day Real Estate
    2. Toadies
    3. Sponge
    4. Marilyn Manson

  14. 14. What did people think of Green Day when they first got big in the mid ’90s?

    1. Wow, these guys are so good, they’re gonna be around forever!
    2. This is the most legit punk music since Fugazi!
    3. This is obviously a band who will one day headline arenas!
    4. These guys are total one-hit wonders.

  15. 15. What fruit did the Presidents of the United States of America like best?

    1. Lump
    2. <span class

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Exclusive! Charlie Daniels identifies IRS official responsible for scandal

While IRS officials are busy passing the blame buck, country music legend Charlie Daniels has located the individual who ultimately bears responsibility for the agency’s targeting of conservative groups:

Mystery solved!!/Rogerjmunson/status/345222378302869504

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